12-Year-Old Argentinian Girl Died After Attempting TikTok Choking Challenge!

12-Year-Old Argentinian Girl Died: A 12-year-old girl from Argentina died after trying a popular but dangerous “choking challenge” on TikTok. Laura Luque, the victim’s aunt, told Jam Press, “We can’t get over it because we loved her so much.”

The tragedy happened on January 13 in Capitán Bermudez, Santa Fe Province. Milagros Soto’s father came home from work on Friday. He found her dead body in her bedroom with a rope around her neck, according to an autopsy report that the Argentinian newspaper El Litoral got a hold of.

Reports say she was live-streaming the challenge to her school friends when she died. Jam Press says that she did the challenge twice and was able to remove the noose both times. However, on her third try, she was unable to do it.

After Soto was picked on at school, his aunt said, he got a WhatsApp message with the link to the challenge. “I think someone told her to do it,” the grieving family member said. “She went through a lot because of bullying.”

12-Year-Old Argentinian Girl Died
12-Year-Old Argentinian Girl Died

The dangerous stunt, also called the “blackout challenge” because it encourages people to choke themselves until they pass out, is said to have killed at least 20 kids since the middle of 2021, according to the Daily Beast.

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The New York Post says that experts have warned that the viral trend could cause people to faint, hurt their brains, have seizures, or even die. The news source says that two California girls killed themselves by hanging themselves after watching “blackout challenge” videos on the social media platform TikTok.

“The Post asked TikTok for a comment, but they didn’t answer.” In the past, the streaming platform has said it is not to blame for the ongoing problem, saying that young people have been hurt by the “choking game” for a long time before the “blackout challenge.”

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