3-Year-old Boy Dies After Overdosing On Fentanyl In Apache Junction

According to officials, a toddler died after consuming fentanyl over the weekend at a residence in Apache Junction. The 3-year-old youngster destroyed at least one fentanyl pill on January 29 at Tomahawk Road and Broadway Avenue, according to the police.

The youngster was treated with Narcan in the hospital after being brought there by his family, and then he was flown to another facility.

Unfortunately, the 3-year-old boy’s breathing stopped due to brain swellings and stroke symptoms, and he was eventually put on life support before passing away, according to Apache Junction Police. Although no one has been arrested, a criminal investigation into the incident is still ongoing.

According to Apache Junction Police Lt. Daniel Saldana, “The family took the 3-year-old to the hospital, and there is a practice for the hospital to inform the police department in these circumstances.”

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Police are still questioning the boy’s mother and other family members. Throughout Pinal and Maricopa counties, the toddler stayed at various houses. Detectives are still trying to narrow down where the toddler found the fentanyl — and who was there with him.

“A lot of unknowns. We can’t make a decision right away … before we can even decide if charges will be done,” Saldana said. According to poison control experts, there are various indicators that a small child who is unable to speak may have swallowed fentanyl.

3-Year-old Boy Dies After Overdosing On Fentanyl In Apache Junction

The managing director of the Banner Poison and Drug Information Center, Maureen Roland, described the symptoms as “decreased breathing…appearing very drowsy, and one sign is also pinpoint pupils in their eyes.”

The number of calls involving children and fentanyl has dramatically increased, according to the Banner Poison Control Center.

“People phoning the poison center are approaching 50 in a year. Therefore, it is a substantial rise to see 50 each year when we compare it to one or two in 2017 and 2018, respectively, “explained Roland.

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