According to Reports, a Murderer Used a Lookalike to Fake His Own Death

You might not be mistaken if you feel like news items that were once the stuff of soap opera plotlines are becoming increasingly frequent: To simulate her death, a German lady is accused of killing a lookalike she found on Instagram.

According to investigators, a 23-year-old beauty influencer was killed by the 23-year-old woman last August. After that, she hid with her lover, who authorities suspect assisted her in committing the murder.

Continue reading to learn more about the case, which German media calls “the doppelganger murder.”

Autopsy Revealed Truth

Authorities claim that the beauty influencer Khadidja O. was assassinated in Ingolstadt, Germany, last August by an individual known as Sharaban K.

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The body of Khadidja O., who had more than 50 stab wounds, was found mutilated in the back seat of Sharaban K.’s vehicle. The car’s registration was linked to Sharaban K.’s family. Therefore investigators surmised that she was the victim. However, an autopsy revealed differently.

Suspect Turns to Lookalikes in Bid to Evade Capture

However, the autopsy results identified the victim as Khadidja O. Police accused Sharaban K. of murder last Monday. The prosecution claims that she used Instagram to look for a victim with comparable physical attributes.

Veronika Grieser, the attorney general, told the German news site Bild that “it has been verified that the accused had contacted various people via Instagram before the actor who seemed to look like her.”

“It can be assumed that the suspect wanted to go into hiding due to internal disputes with her family and fake her own death.”

The face of Victim Mutilated, Police Say

According to investigators, Sharaban K. messaged beauty blogger Khadidja O. about cosmetics after connecting with her on Instagram sometime last summer, according to the New York Post.

She then used a set of complimentary cosmetics to entice the victim into a meeting. The victim was then picked up by Sharaban and her partner in a Mercedes.

a Murderer Used a Lookalike to Fake His Own Death

Investigators think they traveled to a woodland shortly after that, where Khadidja O. was stabbed more than 50 times. According to the New York Post, her facial injuries were so severe that she was no longer recognizable.

How the Motive Came Into View

They discovered Sharaban K. had made connections with other women who resembled her after looking through her social media past. They then established their murderous intent.

Arrested and awaiting trial is Sharaban K. She faces life in jail if found guilty. Her boyfriend was also detained, and he now faces prison time.

“A Spectacular Twist,” Police Say

According to police spokesman Andreas Aichele, the matter is essentially closed. The burden of proof is excellent, but the murder weapon has not yet been located, she told Bild.

“The victim’s face was severely wounded, and she died from more than 50 stab wounds. That was incredibly brutal.” Added him: “It was a unique case that called for all the investigators’ talents. A case like this doesn’t come along very often, especially with such a fantastic twist.

When we discovered the body, we did not anticipate things progressing this way.”

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