After upgrading to Windows 11, 2022, performance drops on GeForce graphics processing units.

Microsoft published the Windows 11 2022 Update (also known as Windows 11 22H2) earlier this week, and some users of Nvidia’s GeForce graphics cards are reporting major performance issues after making the update. Users using fast PCs with contemporary components have encountered stuttering, uneven framerates, and slowdowns, as documented by Bleeping Computer.

According to Nvidia, this is due to inadvertently enabling new Windows graphics debugging features.

The new AI model from NVIDIA makes it easy to create virtual environments and people.

A new beta version of the GeForce Experience software suite, which the company claims would resolve the problem, has been launched. This indicates that the GeForce Experience program, and not the drivers themselves, is at fault for the slowdown; if you had installed the drivers without the GeForce Experience software, you might not have noticed the lag in the first place.

Windows 11
Windows 11

Microsoft distributes significant Windows upgrades in stages, starting with a small set of PCs and gradually expanding as bugs are discovered and fixed. Early in the Windows-as-a-service period, the firm learned this lesson the hard way as issues like broken apps, lost data, and malfunctioning webcams surfaced during the public launch of major feature updates. -[[[[[[[[[[[[[[k

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