Alex Murdaugh Murder Trial Begins In The Shooting Deaths of His Wife And Son!

The murder trial of Alex Murdaugh, a well-connected family scion, is currently underway in South Carolina. He is accused of shooting and killing his wife and son in June 2021.

The jury selection procedure for the trial of Murdaugh, 54, began on Monday in the Colleton County Courthouse in Walterboro, South Carolina. Numerous journalists and fans of actual crime have flocked to the little town to cover the trial.

The trial is being held in the building that served as the Murdaugh family’s administrative headquarters for the prosecutor’s office for the Fourteenth Circuit’s five counties for many years.

The family held the position for 86 years after Randolph Murdaugh Sr., Murdaugh’s great-grandfather, was chosen to fill it in 1920. The Murdaughs also had a successful private practice.

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According to South Carolina Public Radio, “Murdaugh will not be shackled for the trial, which begins Monday in Colleton County.” “If found guilty, he would spend the rest of his life in prison.

Meanwhile, the courtroom’s grandpa portrait that currently hangs will be taken down.” The trial is being presided over by Judge Clifton Newman and is anticipated to conclude around February 10.

At least one prospective juror was excused during the jury selection process when the court inquired as to whether someone had ever been a client of Murdaugh’s former legal counsel, been sued by the firm, or attended any of the Murdaughs’ parties, hunts, or other get-togethers. Juror 203 was dismissed after informing Newman that he couldn’t be fair since Murdaugh had filed a lawsuit against his father.

The inquiry into the terrible deaths of Paul Murdaugh, the couple’s son, and Maggie Murdaugh lifted the lid on a wealthy family. It exposed dozens of financial offenses; Alex is suspected of. It also rekindled interest in other recent family-related deaths that remain unsolved.

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