How to Cash Out in Current App using Gcash & Paypal?

How to Cash Out in the Current App: These steps make Cash out in the Current app possible.

  • Log in to the Current app, and tap the dollar sign on the screen’s lower edge.
  • Select Move Money by clicking.
  • Go through the people’s names you want to send money to now.
  • Pick the person to whom you want to send money.
  • Go to your source of funding.
  • After choosing a value, select the Next tab.
  • You have the option to include a note. The withdrawal can then be started by clicking the confirm tab.

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How to cash out in the current app using gcash?

The Current app doesn’t have a partnership with GCash. As a result, you could look for one that collaborates with both Current and GCash and use it as a middleman to transfer your funds from Current to the GCash app. You must follow the steps below to cash out in the current music app using the GCash app:

  • Click the three Show More button buttons after logging into the app.
  • To continue, click the Cash out option.
  • To view the whole list of partners, they have, select View All.
  • Now select the Current app and tap on the directions for using the preferred partner to cash out.
  • Tap the view nearby partner outlet option to fix it.

How do you cash out in the current app using PayPal?

If you’re wondering how to get Cash in the existing app, you must collect points and use them as currency.

You can listen to your favorite music and receive current music app payouts with the help of the Current app. The app’s current payment method for music listening is genuinely in the form of points.

There is a daily incentive for logging into the app and then enjoying music. Six points are awarded for watching brief videos. If you used the app, 1000 points would equal $1. When you have 8000 issues, you can use your PayPal account to purchase the current music app.

You can earn a $20 payment after amassing 25000 points.

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