Is The Sendit Anonymous? How To See Who Sent A Sendit?

An app called Sendit is a private icebreaker game that can be connected to a Snapchat account. The app received one million installs in the first month of its release in 2021, according to Snapchat, making Sendit one of the platform’s earliest distributors of Lens Games. Games like “Rate Me,” “This or That,” and others are created using the free Snapchat add-AR on’s lenses.

Although Snapchat includes some privacy options, such as choosing who can read a story or a “For My Eyes Only” folder that only allows the poster to see posts, it doesn’t provide message anonymity. Users have the option to save messages from being automatically erased after 24 hours, as well as to see who has viewed and screenshotted their tales or messages.

Social media platforms with anonymity options are popular because they allow users to express themselves honestly without worrying about criticism or judgment. Although Snapchat doesn’t have any built-in anonymity capabilities, there are numerous add-on apps that may be used to give users a private Snapchat experience.

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The user must download Sendit from the app store and link their Snapchat account in order to use the service. The Sendit user will pick a game and send it immediately to their Snapchat Story once everything is set up. After that, the user starts to get messages from friends with responses to the prompts.

Sendit is comparable to other Instagram apps like NGL in that all responses are fully anonymous. Sendit, like NGL, has a premium membership program, nevertheless, that enables recipients to purchase hints about the sender of the otherwise anonymous communication.

Users of Sendit Can Purchase Hints To Uncover A Sender’s Identity

The diamond membership costs $9.99 per week and renews automatically. The App Store claims that the diamond membership grants access to more games, a special diamond member app icon, add-free content, and an unlimited number of hints about the identity of the anonymous reply.

The suggestions might be as basic as noting the sort of phone the respondent is using or as particular as noting the general area in which they are located. The responder’s true identity is concealed, regardless of whether the suggestions are useful in identifying them.

Users are reminded by Sendit that they are aware of who has posted and who has responded. Sendit gathers information including names, contact information, demographics, geographical location, and internet activity information. It reserves the right to share information in specific situations, such as defending the firm against legal action or working with outside business partners. Last but not least, Sendit does have security measures to safeguard children and teenagers.

Sendit has a minimum age requirement of 17, therefore anyone under that legal age must contact the company to save their account from being canceled. This will make it easier for parents to monitor what their children are doing on Sendit and Snapchat. Sendit is fully anonymous for users, even with hints and data collecting.

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