Why KiK Not Showing New Messages? New Chats Not Showing on Kik

No matter who you are or what device you’re using, Kik is where you can chat and message all of your friends and make new ones. Chat with someone one-on-one, join a group of like-minded individuals, or create your own group to discuss the issues that are important to you.

If you experience “KiK Not Showing New Messages” or “KiK Not Showing New Chats” issues in the KiK app, you are not alone. Many KiK users are having this problem. We’ll explain why KiK is now displaying messages in this article, along with a solution.

Why KiK Not Showing New Messages?

One of the following explanations explains why KiK isn’t displaying new messages:

  • The KiK app has a server issue.
  • inadequate Internet connection
  • Kik app is stuck
  • Not enough storage is available for the KiK app.
  • The KiK app has not received an update in a while.

How to Fix “KiK Not Showing New Messages”?

Fix #1: Give it some time

There is a potential that the KiK app is undergoing maintenance. Check your email for any notifications sent by the KiK team.

Wait until the new message issue is fixed if the KiK app needs an upgrade or maintenance.

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Fix 2: Examine Internet Speed

Make sure you have a reliable internet connection or fast internet. You can have problems with the KiK App if your mobile data connection speed to your wifi network is sluggish.

So, verify the speed of your internet. Check your router if you’re using wifi or turn on and off your mobile data.

Fix 3: Update KiK App with Latest Version

Keep your KiK app updated with the newest version. The older versions occasionally have issues. Your KiK app might not function properly if it is out of date.

Additionally, updating to the most recent version of the Kik app will fix all previously discovered bugs by the Kik support team. If you like, you can also have the app auto-update, which will keep it consistently updated with the most recent version and bug-free.

Fix 4: Check Permission of KiK App

Ensure that KiK app has the permissions it needs. KiK will not function properly if you do not provide it with the necessary permissions.

Go to settings in Android to do this. select the app Click on the KiK App, then give the necessary permission.

Fix 5: Restart the App

If the aforementioned approach does not work, try restarting the KiK app. You simply restart the app after closing it. It sometimes resolves the problem.

Fix 6: Login & Logout from KiK App

Try logging out of the KiK app and then back in to see if that helps. This will return the App to normal and could resolve the problem.

Fix 7: Clear Kik App Cache

When there is an app problem, emptying the app cache usually solves the problem.

For the KiK App to be cache-free,

Android users should Select Settings. Access the application manager. Select Kik App. Click on the clean cache. It will be cleared the KiK App cache.

Go to iPhone settings if you have an iPhone. Locate KiK App, select it, touch the Offload App button, and then install it once more.

Your problem might be resolved by the above solution.

Fix 8: Restart Your Phone

If the aforementioned remedy is unable to fix your problem, it’s probable that your phone is having a problem.

So simply turn your phone back on. Open the KiK app after restarting the phone to see if you are receiving the new message.

Fix 9: Contact KiK Support Team

If the recommended solution did not work for you. If you are still having trouble receiving new messages, contact the KiK Team.

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