How to Unblock & Block someone on Cash App?

On the Cash App, How Do You Unblock Someone?

It would help if you took the following actions to unblock someone using the Cash app:

  • Select the person you want to unblock by going to your profile section, then selecting the transaction history.
  • The person will be available for unblocking.
  • On the Unblock tab, click.
  • You can view the blocked person on your contact list tab once you unblock them.

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On the Cash App, How Do You Block Someone?

Here are the steps to block someone on the Cash app.

  • Select the Cash app option, then select the history tab.
  • To block a user’s Profile, click on it. To block someone, you might also like a transaction.
  • Select the pop-up menu from the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Select “Block this individual” from the menu.
  • To block the person, click the red button one last time.

How Can You Prevent Someone From Transferring Your Money Through the Cash App?

This is the procedure.

  • Select Profile from the menu.
  • Select the option for Privacy and Security.
  • Turn off the incoming request switch.
  • Keep the option on and only accept requests from people on your contact list if you only want to block one or two people.

So you can stop receiving money from a specific person or doing the same thing by simply removing them from your contact list.

How May Contacts Be Deleted From the Cash App?

Follow these steps to edit or delete contacts from your Cash app tab.

  • Visit the Profile area.
  • You are selecting the Personal tab.
  • To delete an email address or phone number, click on it.

How Does the Cash App Block a Merchant?

You can permanently block a merchant if you’re unsure as to who you’re sending money. This is the procedure;

  • Select the merchant’s name from your activity tab’s activity feed.
  • To exclude someone, scroll to the bottom of their Profile and select the Block tab.

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