10 Best Keyword Research Tools in 2021

Keyword research is an integral part of modern SEO. If you’re starting an old blog or making your content for a new one, keyword research is the best option. We’ve to Make a list of the best keyword research tools to help you conquer your content. Keywords drive organic traffic from the search engine to your website. In this article, I’ll share some of the best keyword research tools which help you to pick the right keywords for SEO.


SEMrush is the most important & the No. 1 keyword research tool. This tool has so many features that will surely target keywords that your audience searches. It has more than 2 million keywords in its database, so you are assured of finding lots of keywords for your business. This tool has advanced filters such as negative words, keyword density, etc. You are only allowed ten searches per day. Great for overall SEO analysis and keyword collection


  • Search volume
  • Three kinds of search options
  • Advanced filters such as negative words, keyword density, etc
  • Site Audit
  • Keyword grouping
  • Mobile app

Pricing and Plans:

Pro:- $99 per month

Guru:- $ 199.95 per month

Business:- $395.95 per month



This one of the very best complimentary keyword research tools on the market that assists you in selecting the most relevant keywords to get in touch with your audience. Keywordtool.io helps you discover numerous keywords free of expense. It’s through a list of related keywords that can assist you in enhancing the quality of your material, besides conveying your message to the audience in a better way.

  • Great for location-specific keywords users who have online stores.
  • Location-targeted keywords
  • Alphabetically-organized list
  • Uses Google Autocomplete
  • Keyword metrics
  • Keyword suggestions come from multiple platforms
  • Competitor analysisKeyword Tool

Google Trends

Google Trends shows the frequency of a given keyword with the total search volume over time. It makes marketing campaigns more targeted to times that products and services become popular. This instance, in turn, drives more traffic to the website. Great for users who want to know what time/season to target audience


  • Trending keywords
  • Google-support
  • Year in the Date search
  • Minute-by-minute trends
  • Have Related Topics and Queries sectionGoogle Trends

MOZ Keyword Explorer

It gives you the innermost and the precise details available on your keyword because it’s built by world-class experts. Moz SEO tool provides accurate volume estimates of keywords and has access to over 500,000 traffic driving keywords.

Key Features

  • You can analyze your keyword by the search volume.
  • It can find keywords in question format.
  • Moz Keyword difficulty score shows how easy or hard it is to rank on each SERP.Moz
  • You can search keyword suggestions and ranking keywords by the country for segmented international SEO strategy.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro may be a premium keyword research tool. Many people believe that Long Tail Pro helps us to find keywords that could never be discoverable in Google Keyword Planner. You can find long-tail keywords and customize search options like Month, the country to target, etc. It helps you to seek out up to 800 keywords per seed keyword entered.


Ahrefs SEO toolbar isn’t just a keyword analysis tool. It’s a suite of SEO tools. It almost offers the same features as SEMrush, and I would say that it’s a great alternative to it. With the help of this tool, you can come up with keyword ideas by merely typing a keyword in the search box. And you’ll then see a whole list of keyword suggestions. Ahrefs has a database of about 7 billion keywords, and it supported in 171 countries.

Key Features

  • Ahrefs is one of the most feature-rich tools out there.
  • The pricing is somewhat expensive, but believe me, the higher price tag is all worth it.ahrefs

Keyword Tool Dominator

Keywordtool.io is a free keyword research tool. It is effortless to use and get better keywords. I like this tool for keyword researching. It helps to seek out complete keywords like Google’s suggestion. You can research Google, Amazon, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Store, and eBay platforms keyword at Keywordtool.io.This tool is very simple to use. You just have to add the keyword and search it. It will show you related Keywords, Search Volume, CPC, and Completion that help you to choose a better keyword for your blog.


  • The rank feature that identifies what keywords are the most searched
  • Auto-complete database
  • Top keyword identification
  • Free Chrome extension
  • Amazon SEO
  • Google Shopping ToolKeyword Tool Dominator

GoogleAds Keyword Planner

A Google Ads Keyword Planner is one of the most preferred keyword research tools. Google owns it, and the best thing is free to use because some keywords researching tools are premium. One. You need a Google AdWords account to use Google Keyword Planner. This tool can analyze long-tail keyword competition here because long-tail keywords get easily rank than short keywords so you can use them for better ranking.


  • Data for average monthly searches
  • Data for competition
  • Suggested bid
  • Associated data

Pricing and Plans:

Google Keyword Planner is available for free.Google ads keyword planner

World tracker

This tool has been around for quite a sometime, and it again does what it says. It claims to offer the best keyword data possible and puts all the data right at your fingertips. With this tool, you can discover high-value, profitable keywords within your niche in minutes.

Key Features

  • This tool can give you keyword results supported by the searches of real people.
  • Worldtracker produces up to 2000 suggested keywords for every seed keyword you set in.
  • Detailed search results which can help you make better decisions of what keywords you should be targetingwordtracker

Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer is a Google extension tool that will help you analyze Google search results without logging into any app. It shows accurate data for the following countries, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, United Kingdom, United States, Romania, Singapore, Spain, Sweden.

Key Feature

  • Adds search volume estimates in the results.
  • Shows your keyword ideas but also calculates the number of potential visitors to their website and their backlink profile.Surfer


When it comes to keyword research, there are lots of keyword research tools that are online. They are also good, you can start with Google Keyword Planner or with some trial version of keyword research tools. I hope this list of best keyword research tools for SEO helped you to find the right tool. In conclusion, If you have any questions related to keyword research tools, you can ask me and also share your thoughts and feedback in the comment section below.

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