Bonus Family Season 5: Release Date & Renewal Status!

Bonus Family or Bonusfamiljen in Spanish is a Swedish drama series. Felix Herngren, Moa Herngren, Clara Herngren, and Calle Marthin came up with the concept. The sitcom follows the struggles, adventures, and conflicts between two couples, who recently got divorced. The series shows us the interactions among their exes, the children, and the adjustments of the children to their new family. If you want to binge on some drama series, then this series can be productive for you. The series includes a total of four seasons with ten episodes each.

Bonus Family Season 5 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

Let’s talk about when each season was released. Season one lasted from January 30, 2017, to April 3, 2017, Season two ran from January 29, 2018, to April 2, 2018, Season three ran from February 18, 2019, to April 29, 2019, with Season four debuted on October 25, 2021, and its eighth episode will release on December 13, 2021. IMDb users gave it a 7.6-star rating. Netflix has obtained the rights of the series in 2017 from the production business of FLX, and so the streaming took place on Netflix.

The series’ fans are eagerly anticipating the show Bonus Family Season 5, which is set to premiere in the near future. Let us now give you some facts regarding season 5 here. Till now, season four is running with the eighth episode, which will premiere on December 13, 2021. This season too includes ten episodes, which implies, that two more seasons are remaining in ten.

Within the next year, the show will be done with its current run of four seasons. From this information, we may expect season 5 to be released by the end of 2023 assuming the makers would bring the next season. So, till then, enjoy the fourth season. Season 5 facts are still a mystery for the program, as the series has not been renewed or provided with any fresh information from the show’s producers.

Bonus Family Season 5 Story: What to Expect?

Lisa is preparing to throw a joint birthday party for her son Eddie and new son William, which she is intending to call Katja and Martin also. The good times, on the other hand, are marred by resentment and resentment. Martin, on the other hand, wants to buy a new apartment for the children so that they won’t have to stay in their grandmother’s home, but he was refused the bank loan. Lisa and Patrick also decided to schedule a family meeting on the weekends so that everyone can bring his / her perspective.

Both the parents became entangled in their children’s troubles and their annoying behavior. Eddie was supposed to have a snake, but Patrick is terrified of snakes, so Martin brought him a fake one instead. Martin, on the other hand, is suffering from back difficulties and is warned that it is serious which brings the matter to Lisa and Patrick and they have to take the children on the weekend. Lisa and Patrick got an invitation to a Halloween party but were not delighted because Martin and Katja were also attending. Katja asked Henrik to watch William for the night.

The two divorced couples are now in a criss-cross match, but they’ve each fallen in love with someone else. Martin tried intercourse with Tessan but got interrupted by a security officer. Katja, on the other hand, kissed Henricks for the first time. Lisa wants Patrick to know about Bianca’s relationship with her ex-boyfriend. Martin then phoned Tessan to have sex at his apartment but again got interrupted by his mother. Micael, Katja’s supervisor, is unconvinced and dissatisfied with their connection.


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Lisa wanted the whole family to celebrate Christmas together, but Katja wasn’t having it. As the tale goes on, we learned that Eddie is diagnosed with ADHD, and Patrick is taking care of him. Lisa and Patrick are also going to married in secret but their plot got blasted out. The additional family problems and dramas continue in the next episode.

Bonus Family Season 5 Cast: Who Can Be in It?

Almost the entire main cast will return to reprise their roles if a fifth season is ever made. Vera Vitali essays the character of Lisa Johansson, the current wife of Patrik and Martin’s ex-wife, who works at home. Erik Johansson appears in the series as Patrik, a school teacher, and his current husband of Lisa.

Lisa and Martin have two children together, Eddie and Bianca, played by Frank Dorsin and Petra Mede respectively; Fredrik Hallgren plays Katja, played by Petra Mede; Amanda Lindh plays Bianca, played by Amanda Lindh; and Jacob Lundqvist plays William, played by Patrik and Katja’s son, played by Jacob Lundqvist. As well as the main cast, the series also features a stellar supporting cast led by Monica Stenbeck (Louise) and Nour El-Refai (Sima). Additionally, there may be some fresh faces if the show returns with another edition.

Bonus Family Season 4: Review

‘Bonus Family’ is focused on the complexities that include the relationships in contemporary-day own circle of relatives lifestyles. We follow a couple, their ex-spouses, and their children as they attempt to manage the convoluted logistics and emotionally taxing situations that come with living in a mixed-race family. Lisa and Martin, as well as Patrik and Katja, were married at some point. It became now no longer an awful lot after, that Lisa and Patrik lay eyes on every different and fell in love and sooner or later were given together. The ‘Bonus Family’ is now elevated by all four of its adults working together.

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It isn’t always ideal. Martin remains loopy in love together with his ex, Lisa. Patrik is plainly annoyed by Martin’s presence. Katja is one of those people who always seems to be in a bad mood. Children aren’t exempt from the effects of the current upheaval. Eddie, who is the younger of the two brothers, despises his new stepfather and his adorably naïve younger sibling, Wille. Wille is attempting to make the finest of the state of affairs however is moreover puzzled and confused as to why his father is existing in a brand new household and having a kid with Lisa.

Bianca, the family’s adolescent daughter, is in the thick of her rebellious phase right now. In practically every instance, she and her father, Martin, have had a falling-out. The marriage of Lisa and Patrik in a manner rips up the 2 families and creates complications for everyone. Everything in their homes has been altered, and this has had an impact on the entire family. But in the long run, they’re simply going to must discover a technique to stay with every different and make the enjoyable of it so they can survive together.

However, this is probably less complicated stated than done as some distinct curveballs are going their route. Lisa’s claim of being pregnant and Martin’s mother coming out as a lesbian are two examples. In order to continue functioning as a unit, the immediate family is engaging in the usual banter and treatment. This is, of course, difficult, thinking about there being exes and discordant kids.


Which award did Bonus Family win?

If we talk about the awards of the series, then, we will inform you that the series has won a Kristallen award in 2017 under the category of ” Best TV drama “. Wishing you continued success in the future.

What happened to Gugge on Bonus Family?

As the singing career of Lill-Babs expanded throughout the decades, she became a national treasure. Her most recent part, however, was a critically appreciated one as Gugge in the SVT smash drama Bonus Family, which she just appeared in (Bonusfamiljen). Lill-Babs passed away at 80 years of age on April 3 of 2018.

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