Brandon Smiley, Son Of Rickey Smiley, Passes Away At 32

The loss of Brandon Smiley, his 32-year-old son, has left Rickey Smiley inconsolable. In a recent tearful Instagram video, the comic talked about his grief. Rickey openly discussed how “the sadness is setting in” on himself, and the rest of the family in the 11-minute footage shot a day after Brandon’s untimely death. He complained, “I feel awful for my other kids.” “My children are perplexed. They are unsure of what to do.”

Rickey went on: “I never imagined that I would be a part of a group where you have to bury your children. It is an awful nightmare.” The 54-year-old continued by saying that he initially refrained from crying out of “shock” and that his feelings were like “someone trampling on my chest, and it’s just non-stop.”

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Rickey said that you’re not sobbing, but tears are streaming from your eyes. “And then you start crying, but no tears are streaming down your face.”

The Rickey Smiley For Real actor claimed that although his mother is devastated by Brandon’s passing (she texted him just hours before he passed away), his youngest kid Malik was the one who was most affected by the tragedy.

Rickey described the 21-year-old as having “his problems.” He struggles to survive because he is going through a lot, including sadness and anxiety.

In another part of the film, Rickey bemoaned that he “wasn’t flawless” but gave his utmost to raising his kids. He resisted crying as he said, “I didn’t play any games.” “I merely endeavored to be the best father I could be. Just that. What is, is what is.”

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Brandon’s memorial has been set on February 4. It will take place in Birmingham, Alabama, Rickey’s hometown. The comedian has been relying on his religion ever since Brandon passed away. He stated on January 31 on Instagram “God is still good, even in the midst of your worst hour. God blessed me with a lot of happy years with my son. There is nothing I can complain about. Praise God even if you are having a bad day.”

In an accompanying video, he added, “I am blessed.” Brandon’s cause of death is not known to the general public. In addition to his 3-year-old daughter Storm, his mother Brenda, sisters D’Essence (25), Taylor (22), and Aaryn (21) also survive him. Kindly visit our if you require any additional information.

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