Who Was Amy Grant Ex-Husband? Who Is Her Second Husband?

Amy Grant Ex-Husband: American singer, songwriter, and musician Amy Lee Grant was born on November 25, 1960. Before switching to pop music in the 1980s and 1990s, she began with CCM. She has been referred to as the “Queen of Christian Pop.”

She sold over 30 million albums globally as of 2009; her album was the first Christian album to go platinum. She has also received six Grammy Awards and 22 Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association.

She was given a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2006 for her contributions to the entertainment business. She was scheduled to receive the Kennedy Center Honors in 2022. Similarly, we can now see individuals looking for Amy Grant Ex-Husband.

Where Was Amy Grant Born & Raised?

In Augusta, Georgia, Amy Lee Grant was born on November 25, 1960. She was the youngest of four sisters when she was born. When Amy was seven, the Grant family moved to Nashville, Tennessee.

She is the granddaughter of philanthropists A. M. and Lillie Burton from Nashville. They were both members of the Ashwood Church of Christ in Nashville. Amy frequently talks about how they helped her develop into a professional musician.

Grant attended the all-girls Harpeth Hall School for her senior year. She composed her first song, “Mountain Man,” in 1976 and sang it for her entire school.

Shortly after Grant sang her first song at school, Brown Bannister, the youth director at her church, assisted her in recording a demo that led to a contract offer from Word Studio being made to her five weeks before her 16th birthday.

Grant continued her education by enrolling at Furman University in 1978. In 1980, she changed to Vanderbilt University before quitting college to pursue a music career.

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Who Was Amy Grant Ex-Husband?

On June 19, 1982, Amy Lee Grant wed her first husband, Christian musician Gary Chapman. Despite having three children, the couple’s relationship finally ended in divorce. Grant and Chapman divorced in 1999 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences, and it was eventually formalized in the following year.

Grant claimed that Chapman and she both decided to attend marriage counseling because their marriage was difficult. Grant tried to make things work after a succession of ups and downs, but the relationship appeared destined to collapse no matter what.

Grant moved out of the house with her children after divorcing Chapman in 1999, over the objections of Chapman, who claimed it was her choice to do so.

Chapman started using drugs about halfway through their marriage, and it appeared to be the final straw for the Christian singer. In 1994, he stopped using drugs, but by then, his marriage had already reached its breaking point.

Who Was Amy Grant Ex-Husband?
Who Was Amy Grant Ex-Husband?

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How Many Kids Do Amy Grant And Her Husband Have?

Amy welcomed four children across her two marriages, as was already established. She gave birth to her firstborn daughter, Gloria, in 1989, along with Gary, and her son, Matthew, in 1987. In 1992, she gave birth to Sarah, her second child, with Gary.

Amy and Vince welcomed Corrina, their third child, in 2001. In 2019, Corrina moved out to start college, and Amy opened up about what it was like to live alone.

She said to Closer Weekly, “I’m sleeping like a teenager!” “I don’t want to focus on work; I want to live. I’m going to travel the country in my Airstream Bambi trailer, meet new people, and enjoy being alive!

Gloria, sometimes called Millie, got married in April 2019 and welcomed her daughter Penelope in January 2022. When Millie got married, Amy told PEOPLE, “It is hard to think the same 6-week-old daughter who inspired the lyrics to ‘Baby Baby‘ is now a lovely married woman.” “Her life has given us many occasions to dance and rejoice over the years!” Amy had a hectic year in 2019.

She had her oldest daughter get married, her youngest daughter move away to college, and her middle daughter, Sarah, married! In 2019, the “Simple Things” singer told Closer Weekly, “When my daughter Sarah married on November 9, she came down the aisle flanked by her father, Gary Chapman, on one side and her stepfather, Vince Gill, on the other.” “Life looks all kinds of ways,” was all I could think.

Who Is Her Second Husband?

Who Was Amy Grant Ex-Husband?
Who Was Amy Grant Ex-Husband?

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Grant first met Vince Gill, who was wed to Janis Oliver, in 1993. Even though they were already married, they started a friendship that would eventually result in marriage.

Grant found out that Gill had divorced his wife Oliver in 1997, and two years later, she called it quits with Chapman. Corrina Grant Gill, born on March 12, 2001, was the couple’s daughter.

Grant’s other children didn’t truly feel like a family until the birth of her third kid, her first with Gill. Despite Grant having primary custody, Chapman continues to be friends with Grant and has a strong relationship with his kids.

Even Gill acknowledged that he had Grant in mind when he wrote “Whenever You Come Around” in 1995, four years before he would wed her. Song lyrics state, “angelic features and lovely eyes that sparkle. I dream about having you as a partner.”

What Is Amy Grant’s Net Worth?

As Amy Grant has achieved more throughout the years, her wealth has only grown. Amy Grant has a staggering $55 million net worth as of 2022.

Amy Grant’s 2002 album earned the most money, a whopping $500,000, and her debut single made over $50,000, further enhancing her immense net worth.

How Did Amy Grant Start Her Music Career?


In 1977, Word Records released Amy Grant’s self-titled debut album, which soon gained popularity in the Christian music sector. After that, she didn’t have to look back and started quickly boosting her overall Amy Grant net worth.

Her unique sense of style was well-liked by the general population. Rock music was used to convey Christian values as she merged and blended diverse elements of the gospel, hymn, and Jesus music genres to produce a completely original sound that had never been heard before. At the time, most people were appalled by her incredibly intimate and spiritual approach to music.

Due to her status as one of the most popular Christian current singers in history, she has accumulated a sizeable net worth. Along with music, she has made a name for herself in writing, acting, and TV work.

In 1986, her song “The Next Time I Fall” made its Billboard charts debut at number one. She sang a duet with Peter Cetera, and another of her songs, “Baby Baby,” also hit the top.

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