Austin Butler And Vanessa Hudgens Reunite At Oscars

On March 12, Austin Butler and Vanessa Hudgens were spotted interacting outside the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Before ending their eight-year relationship at the beginning of 2020, the ex-couple had a brief reunion as they were leaving the party. Although the nature of any conversation they may have had is unknown, the fact that they were captured in the same frame shows how close they actually got to one another.

Despite the fact that Kaia Gerber was MIA when Austin was seen leaving the VF party, they were both there at the event. Since the year 2021 has ended, Austin and Kaia have been dating. Meanwhile, Vanessa recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Cole Tucker. Even though she was by herself when the Oscars aired, pictures from the event showed her diamond engagement ring on her left hand.

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Vanessa co-hosted ABC’s Oscars red carpet show earlier in the evening. Austin was a participant on the red carpet, but he chose to dodge his ex by speaking with Ashley Graham, her co-host, for his ABC interview. Kaia did not accompany Austin to the Oscars since he took his best friend and manager along as a guest. Austin was nominated for Best Actor for his performance in Elvis, but Brendan Fraser ultimately won the prize for his work in The Whale.

Austin started filming Elvis in 2019 when he was still dating Vanessa, and he recently credited her with inspiring him in the role. “We’d been together for so long an she had this sort of clairvoyant moment, really,” Austin admitted in a recent interview. “So I really…I owe her a lot for believing in me.”

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