Benjamin Foster, Suspect in Oregon Kidnapping, Passes Away After Extended Standoff with Law Enforcement

A long search in Oregon ended Tuesday night when police apprehended a suspect they had previously described as “very dangerous,” according to officials. Later, he passed away at a hospital.

Following an hour-long confrontation with police, Benjamin Foster, 36, a convicted felon who was wanted in connection with the recent kidnapping, torture, and attempted murder of a woman, has now passed away.

Foster first turned himself into police authorities from the Grants Pass Police Department and other departments for several hours after being discovered Tuesday afternoon in a crawl space beneath a house. A Crisis Negotiation Team and SWAT were present.

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Benjamin Foster suffered a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was taken into custody Tuesday night, according to KTVL-TV.

Foster was taken to the hospital after being taken into custody in an authoritarian state.

According to KTVL-TV, he passed away shortly after.

Fox News has contacted the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office and the Grants Pass Police Department for more information.

Officials reported that no cops were hurt during the arrest.

Foster held his ex-girlfriend hostage in her Las Vegas residence for two weeks in 2019 before traveling to Oregon. Her injuries included fractured ribs, two black eyes, and wounds from being shackled at the wrists and ankles, according to a Las Vegas police report obtained by The Associated Press.

Benjamin Foster-

He was initially accused of five felonies, including violence and assault, and a conviction could have resulted in decades behind bars.

Prosecutors in Clark County reached an agreement with Foster in which he would admit to felony and misdemeanor battery in exchange for avoiding the harsh punishment. A judge gave him a maximum prison term of two and a half years in Nevada in September 2021.


Foster had to serve less than 200 more days in state custody after the 729 days he had already been in jail while awaiting trial were taken into account in his sentence.

Foster was once more charged with attempted murder, kidnapping, and assault last week on January 24 when a victim was discovered near Grants Pass, Oregon. The female victim was in critical condition when she was admitted.

Police issued a photo of Foster before the arrest, but they noted that he might have changed his appearance since the photo was taken. Foster had grown a longer beard and shaved his brown hair to shoulder length, according to Grants Pass Police Lt. Jeff Hattersley.

“The Grants Pass Police Department requests that people focus primarily on Foster’s facial features and eyes because these are very hard to change. To help with his identity, more pictures of Foster will be provided as they become available, “According to a police bulletin from January 29, Grants Pass.

Foster was still missing as of Tuesday afternoon, according to a warning from Grants Pass police to the local population.

On January 26, police raided a family’s home in Wolf Creek, Oregon, and Foster narrowly escaped being jailed.

Using dating apps, Foster allegedly enticed people into helping him elude the police and possibly find more victims.

To provide more information, officials said they would host a press conference in the afternoon on Wednesday.

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