Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black? Love in the Wrestling Ring!

When thinking of significant figures in the wrestling industry, Zelina Vega and her husband, Malakai Black, instantly come to mind. Zelina, whose real name is Trinidad, wed Dutch professional wrestler Tom Büdgen in 2018. To learn more about this exciting union, read on.

In addition to his work as Tom Budgen, this amazing individual has previously distinguished himself in WWE as Malakai Black and, earlier, as Aleister Black. Tom, who goes by the ring name Malakai Black, has made a name for himself as a formidable foe. He is 38 years old, quite successful in his field, and very knowledgeable.

Although Zelina Vega shines beautifully as a WWE star and Malakai Black builds his dominance in AEW, their respective wrestling professions haven’t affected their solid marriage. These two famous people are proof that love can conquer all challenges. What is known about the pair is listed below.

Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black?

Malakai Black, who is 38 years old, still has unmatched prowess in the ring. He is an accomplished wrestler who has overcome numerous challenges because, in his case, experience equals age. Trinidad found Tom Büdgen to be her soul mate in 2018, which is a real testament to their chemistry.

Their relationship and eventual marriage serve as an example of how love can blossom despite the fierce competition and media attention of the wrestling arena. The happy couple has been together for around two years.

Fortunately for their fans, they also launched a YouTube channel called A to Z Aleister to Zelina, where they discuss specifics about their daily lives. But eventually, they stopped updating this channel.

Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black

Zelina Vega Previous Relationship

Austin was there to support the professional wrestler when she made her Ring of Honor debut in 2015. Although their relationship may have started later, it ended in 2018. Fans continued to ship the couple, indicating that they didn’t take the news well. But once a supporter tweeted Zelina about it, she emphasized that the relationship was over.

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In response to a fan’s tweet that was since deleted, Zelina said: “I am going to say this once: We are NOT together and have not been together for a very long time. We were certainly NEVER married or engaged. I’ve moved on a long time ago and do not wish to be associated with him.”

Is Zelina Vega Still Married to Aleister Black

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