Is Zendaya And Tom Holland Engaged? Are Wedding Bells in Their Future?

Zendaya and Tom Holland have apparently been together longer than they have been married. Their romance speculations began a year before the release of their film Spider-Man: Homecoming in 2017.

The actor and actress who play Peter and M.J. have a lengthy dαting history, and fans were yearning for these two celebrities to start a romance in real life.

Fans have finally gotten what they asked for after years of waiting. There was a lot of conjecture about whether Zendaya and Holland had finally gotten together, especially after Jacob Elordi and Olivia Bolton entered the picture.

Zendaya and Holland were photographed kissing in their car in the summer of 2021, and they have since made their relationship public. Rumor has it that the two are engaged.

When Did Zendaya And Tom Holland Start Dαting?

The actual timeline of Zendaya and Tom Holland’s relationship is unknown. Fans are left to guess because they did not announce their relationship for several years and were seen with other people. According to sources, the two have been dαting since 2016.

“Tom has met Zendaya’s family and they love him,” a source revealed to Us Weekly in 2017. “They are still seeing each other. It’s been about a year.”

Is Zendaya And Tom Holland Engaged? Are Wedding Bells in Their Future?

Even though the source confirmed their relationship, Zendaya, and Holland had never said when they started dαting.

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Are Zendaya And Tom Holland Engaged?

At the end of November, rumors of Zendaya and Tom Holland going a step forward in their relationship circulated online. According to media reports, the pair secretly got engaged. This is not entirely shocking given how long they kept their romance hidden.

However, Pop Hive, the first publication to tweet this, did not provide any sourcing for where the information came from. The sole “evidence” was Zendaya’s diamond ring, which might imply anything or nothing at all.

Zendaya And Tom Holland Were Caught Kissing

Whether or not the other supposed flings were accurate, Zendaya and Tom Holland eventually met. Page Six published photos of the two playing silly and kissing in their car in July 2021. Fans were ecstatic that they were finally in a relationship, and the photographs essentially broke the internet.

Since the photographs were posted, Zendaya and Holland have been much more open about their relationship. They walk the red carpet holding hands and discuss their relationship in interviews.

While they still attempt to keep their privacy, Zendaya and Holland appear extremely comfortable talking up.

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