Justin Bieber International Tour Resumes After Facial Paralysis

A spokesman for Justin Bieber confirmed to Variety on Tuesday that the singer will continue his “Justice” world tour on July 31 after getting the virus that left his face mostly paralyzed.

Lucca Summer Festival in Italy will be the first stop for the “Ghost” hit-maker before he travels to other countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia to perform. At this time, there are no confirmed dates for a North American tour.

The Bieber camp did not immediately react to a confirmation request from the L.A. Times on Tuesday.

Ramsay Hunt syndrome is a shingles epidemic that affects people who have had chickenpox and damages the nerve near one ear, resulting in one-sided paralysis and hearing loss, according to the Mayo Clinic, which the Grammy winner developed last month.

In an Instagram video broadcast in June, Bieber remarked, “I wanted to inform you guys on what’s been going on.”

The Ramsay Hunt syndrome, which you can see on my face, is a genetic condition. There is no movement in this eye. This side of my face won’t let me grin. I can’t get this nostril to move. My entire face is paralyzed on this side.

The “Justice” artist claimed that he was “simply physically, obviously not capable of completing them” and saw the illness as his body asking him to “slow down” in direct response to the “frustrated” followers.

“I adore you two. “Thank you for your understanding,” he said. “I’m confident that everything will work out. I have faith in God and believe that this is all happening for a purpose. I’m not sure what that reason is at this moment, but I’m going to relax and I love you all in the meantime. I trust God.”

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