Kanye West is No Longer a Billionaire, and He is Unlikely to Become One Again

Kanye West is No Longer a Billionaire. Please read this article to find out: Kanye West appears to be out to ruin his career, reputation, and personal finances forever. When you believe the hole he has created for himself cannot get any worse or more profound, he digs it 500 feet further into sewage. By detonating a nuclear career bomb today, he created a hole.

Up until today, we thought Kanye West was still officially a millionaire. Additionally, we foresaw a realistic route for him to reclaim his previous fashion business and reestablish a multibillion-dollar net worth. I’m done. Kanye West is no longer a billionaire and most likely will never again be one.

Fair enough, Kanye’s past week has been nothing short of a disaster. But today was unquestionably the tipping point.

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Kanye and Nick Fuentes, a purported Holocaust denier and white nationalist, had dinner with Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago after the previous week. Later, Trump insisted that he was unaware of Fuentes. Trump’s former ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, called Fuentes “human scum” and pleaded with his former boss to “throw those bums out, disavow them, and relegate them to the dustbin of history where they belong” in the wake of the incident.

Kanye did the unthinkable today. He appeared on Alex Jones’s InfoWars program.

It was a bizarre situation. Kanye was wearing some full-face masks with a zipper in the middle. He lost patience with Jones and frequently snapped at her. He interrupted and rambled. Nick Fuentes was also present, oh yeah.

Kanye praised Hitler’s attire and architectural prowess during the appearance. He also disputed the Holocaust’s claim that 6 million Jews perished:

Other Kanye statements included:

I see good things about Hitler… Every human being has a value that they brought to the table, especially Hitler.

Referring to Nazis, he said:

They did good things too. We’ve got to stop dissing the Nazis all the time.

The coup de grace was:

I like Hitler.

Kanye West is No Longer a Billionaire

We held that Kanye West was still a billionaire on paper in late October, immediately following Adidas’ decision to end its collaboration with Yeezy. 100% of Yeezy, making over $250 million in earnings annually under Adidas, is still owned by Kanye.

In our opinion, Kanye’s brand was still powerful enough to someday transform into something more modest yet incredibly successful and valuable. It was certainly possible that an independent Yeezy would soon produce at least $100 million in annual profits, all of which would go directly to Kanye, had he denounced antisemitism and taken the right course.

On paper, that amounts to a $1 billion corporation using a cautious 10x multiple of profits (retail companies typically trade at closer to 15x, on average). On paper, Kanye would still be a billionaire after adding his $300–400 million fortune outside of Yeezy.

This is no longer an option, in our opinion.

Kanye has passed the point of no return due to his earlier interview with Alex Jones. There is no way that Yeezy will ever regain even a small portion of its prior prominence since his brand is poisonous.

Because of this, Kanye West is no longer regarded as a billionaire. His net worth was reduced today from $1 billion to $500 million.

Furthermore, it’s doubtful that he will ever again be a billionaire.

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