Who is Kato in BMF? Lady sells narcotics for BMF

We were eager to see what B-Mickie would do when he discovered that his girlfriend, Kato, was a mole installed by Big Meech’s adversary, Lamar, in the final episode of BMF season 1. Some of us secretly hoped that loyalty would triumph over love, but we all knew that the drug business puts loyalty above all else.

B-Mickie & Meech confront Lamar and Kato in the last episode. After a shootout, it seems like Kato will survive unscathed. B-Mickie, on the other hand, finds her and kills her. Let’s learn more about Kato in real life before Season 2 reveals whether or not she survived.

Kato is a Lady Who Assisted BMF in Starting Its Drug Activity

In a 2019 documentary by Doc Hicks TV, Lady (it’s unknown if that’s her true name) made an appearance and discussed her part in the operation.

She got to know Demetrius and Southwest through her sister Debra’s husband, her brother-in-law Edrick ED Boyd. The BMF’s narcotics operation soon centered on Lady’s house.

kato bmf real life-
kato bmf real life-

Lady was essential because, as the sole one employed, she could deposit drug money in the bank without raising any red flags. The brothers had to start hiding money elsewhere when the brothers’ massive deposits of cash attracted attention.

She was a relentless enforcer of the price increase from $20 to $50 and also sold drugs. Lady was fired from her door job after refusing to buy narcotics for less than $50 from anyone.

She claims that she was given a better job delivering drugs to customers for $2,000 per shipment. “Y’all kicking me out of the gang?” I exclaimed. Lady spoke. “They responded, ‘No. You are being sent on the run. Because I was taking two bands to the west side, I prefer that more.

Lady was also in charge of getting the gang’s cars, sometimes to her detriment. She mentioned that she once let Demetrius and Southwest drive her Camaro, only to have them wreck it in the documentary. Lady had nothing against the brothers, even though they refused to reimburse her for the harm. She said, “I adore both of you, but they never paid me for my automobile.”

The drug trade, according to Lady, wasn’t always enjoyable because competing gangs sought to harm BMF by pursuing their loved ones. They all had such a strong dislike for my brother-in-law that they actually intended to kill us, Lady stated.

Given That Kato is Still Alive in Real Life, Some Fans Believe That Killing Her Would Be Somewhat Impractical

Whether Kato survived B-shooting Mickie’s is unknown. Since it would conflict with the reality of the situation, a significant portion of her supporters hopes that she is still alive.

If you’re one of these admirers, you won’t be shocked to find that Kato passed away in season 2. Randy Huggins, the show’s creator, admitted to Urban Hollywood 411 that he made certain changes to the genuine narrative of BMF. He stated:

“I might have to err on the side of creativity to make the artwork stand out a little bit more. To make a scene funnier than it would have been, I might need to use some artistic license, but that’s all part of crafting a story. Not a documentary, this.

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