Peso Pluma Parents: Who Are His Father And Mother?

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija is Peso Pluma’s true name. Peso Pluma Dad, Mom, and Parents’ Ethnic Background can be found here.

According to The Sun, his musical title is derived from the Spanish word for a featherweight, a boxing category. Pluma was inspired to name himself after Marco Antonio Barrera, who has a slender frame similar to the rapper.

From there, the rapper began releasing music in 2020, with his debut album, Ah y Que? Released on April 20 of the same year. He has since released three more albums, the most recent of which, Efectos Secundarios, will be published a year later on March 19, 2021.

Despite not having published an album in over two years, he has slowly increased his reputation and is the most streamed musician in Mexico, with over 32 million Spotify monthly listeners.

Parents: Who Is His Dad And Mom?

Peso’s parents include a Sinaloan mother and a Jalisco father. Their names have yet to be released online by the rapper.

Even though little is known about them, numerous crucial details are known. As previously stated, the rapper’s mother is from Sinaloa, one of Mexico’s thirty-one states, and many of her family still remain in Badiraguato.

Peso Pluma Parents: Who Are His Father And Mother?

Although his father is from Jalisco, the family patriarch is of Lebanese origin, which explains why Peso looks different from many friends. Both the rapper’s mother and father were musicians from an early age.

Dreshare claims that the rapper’s father is a professional musician, and his mother is a vocalist. Peso has frequently stated that his upbringing was musical, with music ranging from salsa to hip-hop being played regularly.

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Does He Have A Brother?

We are not aware of any siblings for Peso. Pelonoscar19, the developer of TikTok, claims to be his brother.

With only 104 followers and no confirmation from the rapper himself, it could be a claim. Most of the creator’s videos are about vehicles, with the occasional Peso video thrown in for good measure.

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