Tony Blackburn Health Update: BBC Radio 2’s Sound of the 60s Withdrawal Due to Illness

Tony Blackburn is a well-known British radio presenter who has won millions of hearts with his seductive voice and bright personality. He has become a broadcasting industry star, captivating generations with his infectious passion and love of music.

However, in recent years, there have been concerns regarding Tony Blackburn’s health, prompting his fans and well-wishers to inquire about his well-being.

Tony Blackburn’s health status was not widely known or publicly discussed as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021. It’s essential to stay updated with the latest news and official announcements for the most accurate information regarding the health and well-being of public figures like Tony Blackburn.

Why isn t Tony Blackburn On the Radio Today?

Tony Blackburn has informed followers that he has been released from the hospital. The BBC Radio 2 star was there for three weeks recovering from an illness that prompted him to cancel his regular Saturday morning show, The Sound of the ’60s.

After three weeks in hospital, I have just been discharged and am now at home to have some more treatment by having a daily injection for a few days from a hospital near me,” the 80-year-old posted on Twitter, updating his 106,800 followers on his health. Thank you to everyone at London’s Wellington Hospital, physicians and nurses alike, for looking after me.”

Tony Blackburn Health Update

To the joy of his admirers, the former I’m Celeb contestant also said he intends to return to the airways soon. “After my treatment and a rest I look forward to getting back @BBCRadio2 and @BBCLOCALRADIO to doing what I love doing” he added.

A Tweet posted by the official account of Daily Express. You can also find out more information about Tony Blackburn’s Health Update by reading the below tweet:-

Tony has had to cancel several significant dates to recover, including the Sounds of the ’60s tour. However, after revealing he suffered from a chest ailment last month, the host received an outpouring of love.

“Hello folks,” I just wanted to let you know that I experienced a minor recurrence of my chest infection a few weeks ago. My doctor has chastised me for not recovering enough time, so I’m taking a break from the radio this weekend.

Why was Tony Blackburn Taken Off Air?

Tony Blackburn has revealed that he will not anchor BBC Radio 2 for several weeks due to a health issue.

Tony Blackburn, 80, of BBC Radio 2 missed his Sounds of the Sixties show last week owing to a chest infection. Johnnie Walker, 78, was compelled to fill in for his friend. The I’m A Celebrity contestant has also claimed that he will have to reschedule his tour since he needed more therapy than he anticipated, reports Mirror.

 Tony said on Twitter: “I wanted to give a little update on my health and let you know that I won’t be on the radio or in theatres for a little while yet.”

“The infection I have requires more treatment than anticipated, which means I will have to reschedule the Sounds of the 60s Tour for the time being to recover fully.” All booked tickets will be automatically transferred to the new dates, and your ticket source will notify you of this change.

“I apologize for the inconvenience and am eager to get back on the road with the band.”

He informed his fans that he will return to the radio studio as soon as he is safe to do so, which could be a few weeks. “I hope to be back on the radio as soon as possible,” he added, “but it may be a few weeks before I am able to get back in the studio.”

“As you know, I am passionate about my radio shows, and I will return as soon as I can safely.” I’d want to thank everyone who has sent their best wishes and messages of support. I read them all, and that means a lot to me.

Tony said at the end of his statement: “Finally, to all the nurses, Dr’s and support staff at Barnet General hospital who I spent a few days with over the last week, thank you for looking after me. You are brilliant!”

Tony revealed on social media last week that his doctor had recommended him to rest as he explained his absence from his customary slot. “Hello folks,” he posted on Twitter. I just wanted to let you know that I experienced a minor recurrence of my chest infection a few weeks ago.

“My doctor has told me off for not taking enough time to recover, so I’m taking a break from the radio this weekend, and I’ve had to cancel the Sounds of the 60s shows in Swindon and Redhill next week as well.”

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