Warren Buffett Net Worth: The Story of His Remarkable Journey!

American businessman, investor, and philanthropist Warren Edward Buffett. He presently serves as Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO. Buffett was conceived in Nebraska’s Omaha. The son of congressman and entrepreneur Howard Buffett, he became interested in business and investment while he was young.

He eventually enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School in 1947 before moving to the University of Nebraska and earning his degree there at the age of 19.

He later earned his MBA from Columbia Business School, where he developed his investment strategy around the Benjamin Graham-initiated idea of value investing. We will discuss Warren Buffett’s Net Worth further, so connected with us until the end.

Warren Buffett’s Net Worth

Currently, Berkshire Hathaway’s chairman and CEO is Warren Buffett. Buffett is one of the most well-known fundamental investors in the world as a result of his tremendous financial performance. He had a net worth of $117 billion as of October 2023, making him the seventh-richest person in the world.

His father was chosen to serve the first of four terms in the US Congress beginning in 1942. Warren attended Alice Deal Junior High School before graduating from Woodrow Wilson High School in 1947, having relocated to Washington, D.C., with his family. As shown in his senior yearbook photo:


  • Bought his first stock at 11
  • He was worth the equivalent of $60,000 by the time he was 16
  • Still lives in a humble Omaha house he bought in 1956 for $31,500
  • His net worth first topped $1 million when he was 30
  • Earned 99% of his net worth after his 50th birthday
  • His net worth first topped $1 billion when he was 56
  • Has only ever sent one email
  • $1,000 invested with Buffett in 1964 would be worth $25 million today
  • Plans to donate the majority of their wealth to charity by the time he dies
  • Drinks five cans of Coca-Cola every day

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Warren Buffett’s Wealth Details & History

Buffett’s 18% ownership stake in Berkshire Hathaway is responsible for his wealth. The share price of Berkshire rose by an average of 20.8% between 1965 and 2016. Almost 300,000 Class A shares and roughly 150,000 Class B shares of the corporation are held by Buffett.

Warren Buffett Net Worth

He also holds almost 900,000 shares of U.S. Bancorp, 9,000 additional shares of IBM, and more than two million shares of both Seritage Growth Properties and Wells Fargo.

Even with all of those investments, it has been determined that more than 98 percent of his net worth is represented by his shares in Berkshire Hathaway. Each summer, he also gives away around 5% of that stock to charity.

Buffett had $20,000 ($199,175.93 today) at the age of 21. When he was 30 years old, he earned his first million ($8.1 million in today’s dollars). Buffett’s net worth was $7 million ($53.3 million today) five years later, when he was 35. He had $25 million at age 39.

He was worth $67 million at age 47. Buffett was worth $1.4 billion and a billionaire at the age of 56. Then, his fortune started to amass truly. Buffett had a net worth of $17 billion at age 66. That had increased to more than $36 billion by age 72. Buffett’s already sizable fortune grew by $12 billion in 2016.

Warren Buffett’s Personal Life

In 1949, Buffett harbored feelings for Susan Thompson, a young woman whose boyfriend played the ukulele. He purchased his own ukelele in an effort to compete, and he has been playing it ever since.

In 1952, Buffett and Thompson got hitched. Peter, Howard, and Susie, their three children, were born. Susan relocated to San Francisco in 1977 to pursue a singing career, and the pair started living apart. They stayed married until Susan’s passing in July 2004.

Having lived with him ever since his wife relocated to San Francisco, Buffett married Astrid Menks, who was 60 years old at the time, on his 76th birthday in 2006. In fact, Susan set up their meeting before departing from Omaha. The three of them were close, and they all wrote their Christmas cards to pals “Warren, Susie, and Astrid.”

He founded The Giving Pledge in 2010 with Bill and Melinda Gates, which calls on the richest people in the world to donate the majority of their money to philanthropy. Buffett has given more than $50 billion to charities as of 2023.

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How Much Property Did Warren Buffett Have?

For $31,500 (about $330,000 today), Warren and Susan Buffett purchased a nice but modest five-bedroom home in Omaha in 1958. He continues to reside in the same home now. Currently, it is valued at about $1.2 million.

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The Warren Buffett Best Books On Investing

Warren Buffett, who will be 93 in August 2023, is continuously active. You’re sure to see his face at least once and his name more than a few times if you visit the financial department of any bookshop.

Buffett has never published a book of his own, although he has long expressed his opinions in interviews and in his renowned shareholder letters to Berkshire Hathaway (BRK.A, BRK.B) shareholders.

These books examine the techniques used by renowned investors to achieve success and what the rest of us might potentially learn from them by drawing on this information and other sources.


  • While Warren Buffett himself has never authored a book, many books have been written about his life, his investment strategies, and his philosophies.
  • Some books about Buffett focus more on his life and achievements, while others focus more on replicating his investment style.
  • Gaining insight into a great investor like Warren Buffett can be useful to both new and advanced investors.

1. “The Warren Buffett Way,” by Robert G. Hagstrom

Hagstrom’s book might be all you need if you’re primarily searching for investment lessons gleaned from the amazing track record Buffett has amassed over the years. Case studies from Buffett’s own investment portfolio, “The Warren Buffett Way,” currently in its third edition and published in 2013, outline the criteria Buffett adheres to while making investment decisions.

2. “Buffett: Making of an American Capitalist,” By Roger Lowenstein

Buffett biographies offer enlightening glimpses into the life and times of the Oracle of Omaha if you’ve read everything in the Buffett canon but still feel you haven’t learned enough.

Although author Lowenstein, a seasoned reporter at The Wall Street Journal, updated and revised “Buffett, Making of an American Capitalist” in a more recent audiobook version, it was first released in 1995.

3. “The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life,” by Alice Schroeder

Schroeder’s huge book, “The Snowball,” which has over 900 pages, was first released in 2008 and was written with Buffett’s assistance. Both this book and “Buffett: Making of an American Capitalist” have a lot to say about the man himself, his life, and his experiences.

Still, neither will likely add much to your understanding of Buffett’s investment tactics (other than to underline that his approach developed over time).

What Is the Investment Philosophy of Warren Buffett?

Buffett invests according to the value investing philosophy of Benjamin Graham, looking to purchase securities whose low prices do not correspond to their true value.

Buffett takes a comprehensive approach to the businesses he evaluates, looking behind the stock market’s turbulence to analyze the fundamentals of the organization, such as its performance, debt, and profit margins. Importantly, Buffett’s method depends on finding undervalued companies.

What Can We Learn From the Career of Warren Buffett?

The success of Buffett has encouraged investors all across the world to adopt his methods. The significance of undertaking extensive study to uncover outstanding firms and then investing in them at discount pricing is one key lesson to be learned from Buffett’s career.

However, Buffett became one of the wealthiest individuals in the world because of this fundamental concept, but there have been setbacks along the way. Buffett’s career-long mistakes, such as periodically purchasing at the incorrect price and conflating revenue growth with a successful business, can provide insightful lessons for investors of all experience levels.

Where Can I Find More Reputable Books About Investing?

It should come as no surprise that there are many books available on investing, given that it frequently plays a significant part in determining financial success. Both offline and online, you may find a ton of examples at your neighborhood bookshop or library.

The finest books on investing, the best books for aspiring investors, and the best books on a range of financial issues have all been compiled by Investopedia.

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