What Does Manny Montana’s “Good Girls” Co-star Adelfa Marr Do for a Living?

The NBC show Good Girls helped make Manny Montana a household name. Montana is married to Adelfa Marr, despite his bad boy reputation. The two aren’t afraid to demonstrate their love for each other online, but they don’t publicly discuss their relationship. I’m curious about what Marr does for a career while he’s on set with Christina Hendricks, who plays Rio.

‘Good Girls’ Is Adelfa Marr’s Sole Credit on IMDb

Montana’s wife, Marr, could disagree with his “bad guy” portrayal of Good Girls because he’s not awful. In 2019, during the show’s second season, the pair also appeared in an episode of Good Girls as co-stars.

Dylan, played by Marr, was a lady who made Beth (Hendricks) jealous by kissing Rio in a one-time cameo appearance. She hasn’t been seen on set since, but that’s fine because she’s busy with non-Hollywood-related stuff.

Marr stated on Instagram, “This one is definitely for the books.” Although I’ll only be here for the shortest time, working with @lbmannymontana on this has meant so much to me. Thank you, @lbmannymontana, for making me the happiest girl in the world, and thank you, @nbcgoodgirls, for giving me this opportunity.

Adelfa Marr
Adelfa Marr

She Also Writes for a Blog and a Magazine

Even though Marr is married to a famous person, he is renowned in his own right. She became well-known thanks to her articles for online publications such as 21Ninety, Thirty, INKind.life, and Byrdie. There’s information about her life-coaching services on her website.

To assist people “find advice and work with them every day to reach their goals and become higher versions of themselves,” she claims she “dedicates my time to virtually life coaching clients of all walks of life” on her website. Because I know firsthand how important it is to have ready access to professional help in therapy, coaching, and counseling, I have made it my mission to make these services widely available and financially feasible for everyone in need. As a coach, I help my clients achieve a balanced existence full of joy, health, and positive energy.

In addition, she states on her about page that it is her goal to “help people discover, embrace, and love who they are by celebrating their originality, what makes them special, and empowering them to reach their best potential in a safe setting with an unbiased coach in their corner.”

The mental health activist and New York native is still posting often on Instagram. There she engages in social activism by raising money for marginalized BIPOCs in need.

Things Between Marr and Montana Are Kept Behind Closed Doors

There is little known about the power couple’s relationship beyond the fact that they are head over heels in adoration of one another. They started dating in 2015, tied the knot in 2016, and now have a son they want to keep out of the internet’s spotlight as much as possible. Even if we don’t learn all about Marr and Montana’s relationship, it’s evident that he has feelings for her.

She added in one of the several Montana-themed postings, “A spouse appreciation post (and a throwback to when being outside wasn’t what it is today lol) — this man has been my complete rock since the day I met his fine a**.” That motivates me to push myself each day toward development and new experiences. He has shown me a love I never knew was possible, and I have never once doubted my value or importance in his eyes. The best dad, the most fantastic spouse, the most amazing best friend and soul partner, a complete meal, and a beautiful human being in every manner possible.

We get excited whenever we do. Perhaps Marr will return to Good Girls and give Beth (Hendricks) a run for her money. Drop the #Brio hashtag; we’re on #Adelfanny from here on out.

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