Where is Casey Anthony Now? What Happened To Her After the Trial?

When Casey Anthony was accused of m*rdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, she captivated the nation.

For the first time since her arrest, Casey Anthony speaks out on camera in the documentary Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies.

Anthony tells her side of the tale, blaming Caylee’s deαth on her father, George, and providing insight into her life after the trial and media maelstrom.

Where is Casey Anthony Now in 2023?

Casey Anthony is a legal assistant who also works in accounting. Where the Truth Lies showrunner, Alexandra Dean, told BuzzFeed News that Anthony has a “small life” with a close friend and a small circle of trusted loved ones, including her former defense team.

Dean also stated that Casey continues to speak with her mother and brother but added, “She doesn’t talk to them often, and I wouldn’t call their relationship close, but they do communicate.”

Where is Casey Anthony Now?

Casey avoids her father, George, whom she accuses of s*xually assaulting her throughout her childhood, which she suspects he may have also done to Caylee.

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Where Did Casey Anthony Work?

Casey Anthony presently works as a legal assistant for Patrick McKenna. She submitted paperwork to start her own private investigation agency, Case Research & Consulting Services LLC, in 2020.

She had previously attempted to work as a photographer, but after being abused online, she shifted her concentration to investigative work.

Here’s a tweet from one of the most popular websites, TMZ, about When Casey Anthony was accused of m*rdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, she captivated the nation:-

What is Casey Anthony And Patrick McKenna’s Relationship?

Patrick McKenna was the defense’s principal investigator during Casey Anthony’s trial. Following her acquittal for m*rder and imprisonment for lying to police, Anthony returned to his office and lived with his family for a while after the test. According to BuzzFeed News, She is McKenna’s firm’s legal assistant and accountant.

Where Are Casey Anthony’s Parents Today?

George and Cindy Anthony, Casey Anthony’s parents, are still married and live in Florida. Cindy, according to a source PEOPLE, “is still angry a lot of the time.” This caring grandmother endured family anguish that no one should take. So, even now, when she mentions Casey and Caylee, she becomes very distressed.”

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