Why Did George And Tammy Divorce?

Why Did George And Tammy Divorce: The narrative of the titular couple, known as the President and First Lady of country music, is told in the Showtime television series “George and Tammy.” The series begins with their first encounter when Tammy Wynette is just starting her incredible career, and George Jones is already a well-known figure in country music.

They instantly click, and soon after they meet, they get married. The couple has a passionate affair, but their marriage doesn’t survive very long. Here’s all you need to know if you’re wondering what happened to them and why their relationship didn’t work out.

How Did Tammy Wynette And George Jones Meet?

Wynette thought her second husband was kidnapping her when she first met Jones at a recording studio in Nashville. They became so close that Jones eventually declared his love to Wynette while arguing with her husband due to their growing intimacy. He was lucky that she shared his feelings for him.

Wynette chose Jones and made an effort to divorce her second husband. But as it turned out, she married him too soon after her first marriage had been declared legally over. Her second marriage was, therefore, said to be invalid under the law. Now that Jones was free, the “First Lady of Country” could be with him.

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When they exchanged vows in February 1969, it was each their third marriage. Wynette has three daughters with her first husband and one daughter with Jones.

Why Did George And Tammy Divorce?

Although George Jones and Tammy Wynette were very in love, Jones’ alcoholism produced problems for the couple throughout their marriage. According to Wynette, he “drinks to such a degree that he becomes completely and uncontrolled,” The Washington Post reports. She initially sought divorce at this time.

Shortly after, the pair got back together, and Wynette even admitted that this spell was only a ruse to jolt her husband into becoming sober. However, as things didn’t improve, Wynette soon filed for divorce, this time successfully.

Jones attempted to control his addiction during their marriage, but supposedly things would become ugly once he would get drunk. Wynette described a situation in which Jones pursued her inside the house with a hunting rifle in her book, “Stand by Your Man,” released in 1979.

The book also describes Jones abusing Wynette physically, forcing her to cover up her facial bruises with cosmetics. Jones’ addiction began to affect both their personal and professional life. He frequently showed up to recording sessions late or not at all. Wynette eventually drew a line in the sand when he skipped out on a recording session, purchased a Cadillac, and disappeared in Florida without saying anything.

Why Did George And Tammy Divorce
Why Did George And Tammy Divorce

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Jones consistently denied Wynette’s allegations that he had aggressive tendencies and was an alcoholic. Instead, he asserted that he had been sober throughout their marriage’s final 18 months. The fact that we were in constant sight of one another for seven years, in my opinion, was the most prominent issue. Living, eating, and sleeping together while working together is simply impossible. Additionally, the fact that she harbored a great deal of suspicion and jealousy didn’t help. For the first five years, she didn’t trust me,” he stated.

Whatever the reasons, Tammy Wynette and George Jones’ divorce was legally formalized on January 8, 1975. They still made songs together despite their split. Jones eventually managed to escape his addiction, but it took him some time to find his way back and seek treatment.

He acknowledged that his relationship with Wynette was “a heck of a lot better now than it was when we were married” after their divorce. Now that the disruption is passed, we are close friends. They tried “to date for the longest time, even after they were divorced,” according to their daughter Georgette Jones, whose book inspired the Showtime series.

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