Why Did Scheana and Rob Break Up? Why They Split Up?

During Season 5 of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana divorced her husband, Michael Shay, and the reunion depicted the repercussions of a failed relationship.

It was heartbreaking. In Season 6, however, Scheana was much happier and with a new partner – Rob Parks Valletta. Rob can do anything and anything in seven minutes, according to Scheana’s comments during the season, so hearing that these two had parted was startling.

Why Did Scheana And Rob Break Up?

Scheana and Rob broke up in October 2017. E! News stated that the two issued a statement explaining their divorce. “Due to job responsibilities, Scheana and Rob believed it was best to put their relationship on hold for the time being,” the statement said.

“They’re still highly involved in each other’s lives and are hopeful about their future,” Scheana stated two months later in an interview with Bustle that she and Rob were on excellent terms.

“We will always love, respect, and support each other,” she said. “We’ve not spoken as much because it just became a little too hard for me to remain such close friends with someone who, at the time, I was still in love with.”

Why Did Scheana And Rob Break Up?

Scheana explained that she needed to let go of her friendship with Rob to get over him, which makes sense. “It was just weighing too heavy on my heart being close with someone I was no longer close with in other ways,” she said.

Yet a few weeks later, Scheana joined Spencer and Heidi Pratt on the Make Speidi Famous Again podcast, singing a somewhat different tune.

She expressed disappointment that she and Rob split up since he chose to do it without putting up a fight. Scheana remarked on the podcast, “Everything that happened following [the claim that Rob kissed another female] that eventually caused us to split up was just extremely upsetting because, despite everything my ex-husband and I went through on the show, we didn’t get divorced because of the program.”

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It was upsetting that Rob gave up so quickly. There was a report that he had kissed someone because so many other things were happening. Moreover, Scheana claimed that she and Rob had attempted the “friends with benefits” concept but that it had also failed.

Well done, Scheana, for recognizing that what Rob could provide for her wasn’t what she required. Rob didn’t publicly respond to Scheana’s claims that he was “selfish” for not giving their relationship a shot, but he did express his support for her and their union in an Instagram post. He wrote:


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“Big Bear will always be my happy place. A lot of people are watching a TV show that was shot months ago, and TV shows are shot to create drama and intrigue. No one knows what happens behind closed doors or when the cameras are off. But what I do know is that there are things that I never expressed on camera but did in person.”

Scheana addressed the relationship’s demise again in a Vanderpump Rules Season 6 reunion preview film, citing the emergence of the kiss rumor as “the moment he walked away.”

She also claims that when they split up, Rob told her that he had waited until the season’s filming was finished to do it, so she felt cheated.

Fans will never know whether Scheana and Rob split due to job obligations or because they had different notions about what makes a relationship work. But for now, these two live separate lives while still supporting each other.

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