Criticism from PS4 Gamers A PlayStation 2 and a Contentious Choice

A contentious decision made by PlayStation this week has left many PS4 owners feeling dissatisfied. The PS5 has now been out for about three years, making the year 2023. While many predicted that support for the PS4 would be quite limited by now, this has not been the case.

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The PS4 continues to receive a steady stream of releases, including numerous PlayStation classics. For instance, the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 versions of God of War: Ragnarok have just recently been made available. Meanwhile, Horizon Forbidden West performed the same thing earlier this year. The latter is the real bone of contention.

Burning Shores, an expansion to Horizon: Forbidden West, is scheduled to release that year, on April 9. The expansion will only be available on PS5, in contrast to the basic game’s dual PS4/PS5 release earlier this year.

Why? Guerilla Games doesn’t reveal much beyond a vague statement saying that the studio “made the difficult decision to focus all [its] efforts on developing an outstanding experience only for the PlayStation 5 system” because of the game’s “grand vision.” Many PlayStation enthusiasts, predictably, are not happy with the news or the rationale.

PS4 Gamers

“Are those who say Burning Shores on PS5 is ‘just how it should be being serious?” Having said that, I would be fine with it if the MAIN GAME was exclusive to PS5. However, “the option of making the DLC a PS5 exclusive is plain wrong,” one Twitter user says of the announcement. To which she responded, “This is not acceptable wtf??

Another Twitter user says, “Horizon: Forbidden West is my personal Game of the Year.” It’s disheartening that the Burning Shores downloadable content will only be available on PS5, even if the main game was compatible with both PS4 and PS5.

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The price of a PlayStation 5 may be too high for some people to justify purchasing one. It’s fantastic that you’re denying those who own a different platform access to the DLC for financial gain.

It’s surprising the DLC doesn’t support PS4. Indeed, it’s highly likely to be able to. However, it’s possible that the time and money spent porting the DLC over to the PS4 won’t be worth it, a conclusion PlayStation and Guerrilla Games likely arrived at after analyzing PS4 sales data. That being said, and as usual, we welcome your feedback in the form of a remark. What do you think of Sony’s choice here?

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