Daniel Jones Girlfriend: Are They Still Dating?

According to sources, it was discovered that Daniel Jones had dated Ella Bonafede, his ex-girlfriend. Ella and Daniel were found to have known one another in college.

When they were both students at Duke, they both began dating. Ella, his ex-girlfriend, was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but she spent her early years in Long Island. She mostly participated in sports at Duke and joined the women’s lacrosse team.

She also worked as a travel coach for lacrosse while studying at Long Island Top Gund. According to her LinkedIn profile, she holds a public health degree from New York University.

Most people don’t know who Daniel is, but he’s a well-known NFL player. His ex-girlfriend Ella occasionally talked about their relationship and said he was always by her side.

She previously talked about a period when the 2019 NFL draught occurred and claimed that the ACC Playoffs prevented her from attending.

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Why Did Ella Like Going To Daniel’s Games?

When the NFL chose Daniel, the couple was overjoyed. Ella expressed her pride in her partner on social media to her fans.

“I am immensely proud of you, and I can’t wait to support you in New York,” she added. Cheers to the Giants!

Daniel Jones Girlfriend
Daniel Jones Girlfriend

Ella attended Daniel’s 22nd birthday celebration when they were dating, and they both enjoyed their time together. The caption of Ella’s Instagram post said, “Smile, kid, it’s your birthday!!! You look good in 22.

Jones hardly ever shared any memories with Ella on social media, although Ella often shared beautiful moments of the two of them. There hasn’t been a post from Jones’ side explaining their relationship to anyone yet.

Is Ella Bonafede And Daniel Jones Still Dating?

According to sources, Jones and Ella Bonafede’s relationship has ended. Their fans found the news quite upsetting, and it was announced that they were splitting up in 2020.

On Instagram and other social media sites, Ella stopped following Daniel. She was frequently spotted uploading content about her partner, but after a time, her followers began to notice that she had stopped posting about him.

Everything became more explicit when Ella wished Daniel a happy birthday and added the “Hbd boo” to her post. Many admirers were aware that the two had broken up after the post. Ella also left Daniel at this point.

It’s unclear from the sources if Daniel is single or in a relationship. Fans were previously aware of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend Ella since she frequently shared content showing him.

The fact that no one has shared postings with Daniel since then suggests that he is currently single.

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