What We Know About Dirty John Season 3

The anthology series Dirty John is based on Christopher Goffard’s podcast of the same name. Each season is based on a true crime narrative and offers an epic tale of love gone wrong. In the first season, we learn about a real-life conman named John Meehan and his final victim, wealthy interior designer Debra Newell, whom he marries.

It’s not long until Debra’s two girls discover something is wrong, and we get a glimpse into John’s criminal past. Things start to go wrong after they get married, and John vows to quit using drugs and move on with his life. However, no such thing happened and in the end, we watched Debra stabbing John 13 times for the pain he’s caused her family.

The second season covers the marriage and divorce of Betty and Dan Broderick. Betty was found guilty of both her husband’s and his second wife’s murders. In 1969, they tied the knot and began a family that would eventually number five. Dan became embroiled in an affair with her assistant and eventually married her and admitted to infidelity. It leads to their complex divorce, custody fights, and finally, a murder.

As of February 14, 2019, Netflix began streaming the first episode of Season 1, and on May 31, 2021, Netflix started streaming Season 2. Fans wonder if the program will have a third season, and if so, what the plot may be like if it does.

Dirty John Season 3 Plot: What Will Happen?

Season 3 of Dirty John could carry on the storyline established in prior seasons, according to showrunner Alexandra Cunningham in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. I knew John Meehan was going to die after season 1, so we originally had a two-season pickup.”

”Love has gone wrong” was the thread we recognized that would connect seasons, and Betty has always been in my thoughts since before I intended to be a writer,” As she put it, “the thing I’d love to do to be the ultimate example of love gone bad is familial.” “Not romantic love, not a pair, not a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship like in the first season or a divorce between a married couple, but mother-child, sibling relationships.”

When love from a parent is inappropriate, warped, or fake, that’s where I believe love went wrong begins. Love from a parent influences children’s behavior in the future. That’s something I’d love to investigate if given the chance.” This suggests that the focus of Dirty John Season 3 could shift from romantic love to family love gone bad.

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Dirty John Season 3 Cast: Who Can Appear?

Each season has a different story, so the cast will be completely different for the third season. The first two seasons contained plenty of brilliant and popular names including Christian Slater, Connie Britton, Eric Bana, and Amanda Peet. We expect a similarly notable cast to feature in Dirty John Season 3.

Dirty John Season 3 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

Dirty John hasn’t been officially picked up for a third season yet, and no one who works on the show has said that there will be one. But, according to Alexandra Cunningham, who is in charge of the show, there have been plans to talk about the idea.

In July 2020, she told The Hollywood Reporter, “We’re going to have a conversation very soon.” “If it’s something that everyone is enthused about as I and my executive producer Jessica Rhoades is, it will be incredibly awesome.”

Dirty John Season 3 Trailer: Is There Any Teaser Available?

Unfortunately, the trailer for the new has not been announced yet but hopefully, it will come soon let’s watch the trailer for the previous season:-


How can I see Dirty John?

You can watch the first few seasons of Dirty John on Netflix.

How many seasons does Netflix have of Dirty John?


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