Editorial Policy

Editorial Procedure

Providing reliable, honest, and well-balanced news and opinion on business, technology, science, politics, and health care is at the heart of techyember goal. How we select and review content, how we distinguish between sponsored or paid content, and how financial or other external considerations impact the website are all covered in this editorial policy. If you have any questions about this policy or want to reach out to us, please read our contact page.

Regarding This Policy

There are many ways to refer to techyember, which includes any of our subsidiaries, including “We,” “techyember” or simply “techyember (for example a subsidiary that we own). A “website” refers to techyember.com, which is our Internet site. If you’d like to learn more about who we are and what we do, you may visit the “about us” section of our website.

techyember must abide by this Editorial Policy. Every website you visit should have an editorial policy that you should study after leaving techyember. We are not responsible for how other websites treat editorial once you leave our site.

Changes to Editorial Policy

A few modest tweaks to this policy’s overall goals are entirely unaffected. Whenever the policy is changed in a major way, we’ll notify our users and let them know about the change. We shall post any changes to our policy on our websites as soon as they are made.

Editorial Procedure

techyember is committed to provide you with the most accurate and reliable information possible. techyember editorial team is in charge of content creation, curation, and upkeep. We know how important it is to maintain our editorial content separate from any adverts or anything that may be influenced by our sponsors. Additionally, we’ve arranged the website’s operations to better distinguish between educational and promotional content.

Various Informational Resources

Unless otherwise stated, any content on our website that we claim to be our own was either created by us or received from third parties whose editing methods we have checked and determined to be acceptable. The content that we publish is written by either our in-house team or by freelance journalists we have hired. Internal editors, who review all contributed content as well, have reviewed our content to ensure that it is balanced and fits learning objectives. Third-party editorial content comes from a variety of sources, including government agencies, non-profit organisations, universities, and other key stakeholders in the industries we cover.

First, our editorial team makes sure all external content is checked to ensure that it is accurate, thorough, and up-to-date. Spot checks and our prior evaluation of probable information sources, as well as the editorial processes applied by the provider of the information are used when a comprehensive examination is not possible (for example, in the case of the use of government agency news releases). There are many times when a provider’s staff or specialists in the industry have additionally analysed stuff we receive from them. In certain areas of our website, we make content from our corporate partners and conference planners available.

Content that hasn’t been edited by our team is clearly marked in these areas. To make certain that the information on techyember is still relevant, the site’s content is reviewed on a regular basis. It is often required to update, archive, or delete content that is out-of-date or erroneous. Use the editor’s notes to indicate when something has occurred.

Connecting to other websites

We have company logos and links to other websites all across our site. The inclusion of these logos and links does not imply that we advocate or recommend these firms to our customers. We make it clear if we’re endorsing a product or service by placing it next to the logo or link. As a result, we try to make it clear when you are about to leave our website in order to inform you of the new site’s ad policies, editorial guidelines, privacy policies, and other terms of use.

Financial Data and External Influence

Ads and sponsorships, including banner ads, native advertising and video ad placements, are now the norm for techyember, as they are for most other educational websites. Sponsorships and other business relationships are subject to the following guidelines, which we strictly adhere to:

When a piece of material is sponsored or paid for by a third party, we make that fact crystal clear. Advertisement fees, commissions on client purchases, or costs based on how frequently visitors utilise links to other websites may also be paid to us by third parties for advertising that is sponsored by others on our website.
In the absence of a specific statement to the contrary, we do not intend any connections to other websites or trademarks or company marks, or any co-branding, to be interpreted as endorsements.

When posting research-related materials on our website, we ensure that the author, source, and date of publication are clearly stated in the article. It is our policy to give proper acknowledgment to anyone who contributed to the creation of any content that comes from case studies, projects, or academic research.

Please fill out this form if you have any financial or other relationships that might influence or appear to influence the content you give to our site. if the conflicts are substantial, we insist that the information on our website be made public. We have the same expectations for everyone who serves on one of our many editorial boards.


If you have any questions or concerns about this editorial policy or our websites, please let us know. To get in touch with us, send an email to techyember@gmail.com.

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