Edvard Munch Painting Hidden From Nazis In A Barn Sells At Auction For Nearly £17million

More than £170 million was spent as the London auction season got underway, with a number of significant items being sold at Sotheby’s, including two paintings that were returned to their original owners after being misplaced during the rise of the Nazis.

Wassily Kandinsky’s 1910 Murnau mit Kirche II, the first of the two masterpieces, sold for a record-breaking £37.2 million.

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It had been on display in a Dutch museum since 1951 and belonged to a German Jewish family forced to flee their home. After it was correctly recognized about ten years ago, it was given back to the family’s descendants.

A German art historian, Curt Glaser, originally possessed Edvard Munch’s Dancing on the Beach. However, his sizable collection was divided and sold off when he was forced to flee Nazi-controlled Germany.

Edvard Munch Painting Hidden From Nazis Sells At Auction

The famed The Scream painter and Munch acquaintance Thomas Olsen, a Norwegian shipowner, purchased it. Before it was sold last night for £16.9 million, Olsen’s heirs reached a deal with the remaining Glaser family.

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