When Was Emily In Paris Season 4 Released?

The forthcoming season of Emily in Paris is now available! We’re intrigued to see if Emily Cooper’s highly unpredictable experiences in Paris will continue in the fourth season despite since season three *just* began.

All the details we presently know about season 4, including the cast, a potential premiere date, and other details, are included below.

When Was Season 4 Of Emily In Paris Released?

Season four of Emily in Paris has yet to set a release date. On the other hand, we can make a guess based on earlier release dates.

Emily In Paris Season 4

The third season was to be released this December, following the release of the first and second seasons in October 2020 and December 2021, respectively.

We anticipate seeing Emily and the rest of the cast in December if the fourth season follows this pattern.

When Was Season Four Of Emily In Paris Confirmed?

Yesssss!!! Following the popularity of the second season, Netflix announced in January of this year that Emily In Paris would return for two additional seasons.

The Emily in Paris star Lily Collins, who plays Emily Cooper, also announced the fantastic news on Instagram while sporting a picture of herself in pajamas.

Her post’s description read: “I got up early to share some encouraging news with you—@emilyinparis is returning for Season 3… AND prepare for Season 4 now!

Emily would be screaming whether she loved or hated this announcement outfit—I can’t tell. I sincerely appreciate your support, and I adore you all.

Who Might Be In Season 4 Of Emily In Paris?

Although the entire cast for Emily in Paris season four has not been announced, considering that the show is about Emily Cooper, we can be sure Lily Collins will be back in it.

If Emily chooses to follow her heart, Lucien Laviscount (Alfie) or Lucas Bravo (Gabriel) might or might not return. But we’re crossing our fingers that they both succeed!

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