Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date Is Finally Cancelled! (All Updates)

Flirty Dancing is a British reality show that focuses on the introduction of potential couples via dance. It is a dancing competition where the participants learn a dance and are paired up with a partner who has also learned the dance. In the most romantic way possible, they dance hand in hand and revel in every drop of happiness they can muster. If the two of them had a good time dancing and have a good feeling about each other, they may decide to go on dates. If they’re unable to come up with anything, they can simply enjoy the music and the experience of dancing with someone they’ve never met before who is doing his or her best to mimic their actions.

The crowd was mesmerized by the contestants’ unforced and unforced reactions as they danced. How lovely! A video of a couple dancing with bright smiles and impeccable steps became a worldwide sensation for the series. The US version of the series was later confirmed to have been completed and would be broadcast on FOX. There are six episodes in the first season. The show’s executive producers are Deborah Sargeant and Jilly Pearce, while Second Star and All3Media are the production companies behind it. Jenna Dewan serves as the show’s host and introduces the participants to the audience. On December 29, 2019, the series premiered.

Flirty Dancing Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Come Out?

After the first season, FOX chose to discontinue the show due to low ratings and negative feedback from viewers. After a two-hour finale on the 8th of January, the show came to an end. The show had a lot of heartwarming moments and was well-written. So sad that the series ended so early because the concept of finding love after dancing with a complete stranger was worth the invested time and money for popcorn. The public also sent in a slew of votes for their favorite contestants.

The results could have been vastly different if the series had gotten a little more attention from the American public. Unfortunately, the series was canceled before it had a chance to make a lasting impression on the public. Both the first series and this one had a high reputation and were able to have successful seasons. Because of the likelihood that a new season is unlikely, we are forced to live with a very slim chance of it returning.


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Flirty Dancing Season 2: Why Was Cancelled by Fox?

However, the original series’ dance routines were better, more beautiful, and more appealing than the fox version, and that was a major problem. The Fox series was a significant letdown because of the lack of care paid to the precision of choreography. Another problem that arose was the choice of actors. The candidates didn’t appear natural and didn’t have excellent chemistry with their partners, which proved deadly for the show because the essence of the show is chemistry gained through dance.

The casting of the show was quite disappointing. The show was aired on television and competed against other shows that were airing at the same time. In a different time slot and on a lesser platform, the series would not have had such a depressing decline and may have lasted for many more seasons. First episode ratings were high but media and social media sources were largely uninterested.

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Where To Watch Flirty Dancing?

FOX NOW has a stream of flirty dancing. Hulu is another place where you may watch it for free. Popular OTT platforms haven’t yet seen it, but it’s still available on smaller ones. If you can’t find any in your area, you can always use a virtual private network (VPN) to change your location to where the series is currently being aired.

If you want to watch other unique shows, even if they’re not readily available where you are because of the location, a VPN is well worth the investment. Unless any major platforms are interested in the project, we expect the second season will be available on the same channels as the first one if it is released. On the other hand, we’ll keep you updated on any new developments.

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