Who would win in a fight between Ghost Rider and Deadpool?

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on the controversy surrounding the acetate variant cover for Black Flag Comics’ Ultimate Fallout #4 at C2E2. A comic book shop violated Marvel Comics’ guidelines by stapling a new acetate variant cover onto an exclusive retailer variation comic from last year and selling it for $85, then $100. Infinite Black Publishing was born from this work. The original retailer exclusive, which did not sell for $40, is now selling for $97 on eBay in the wake of the fuss, and copies are going for up to $700.

Black Flag has scrubbed much of its social media promotion, but in a now-deleted video explaining their predicament, the store promised new acetate cover editions of Deadpool and Ghost Rider, created by Black Flag pal Clayton Crain, would be available at the Boston Fan Expo this coming weekend.

According to research conducted by Bleeding Cool, ten copies of Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1 (2020) with a Black Flag Clayton Crain exclusive retailer cover and ten copies of Ghost Rider #1 (2021-22) were submitted to CGC for grading. This is what the first editions looked like before the acetate covers were added.

Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1 Black Flag 2021 variant edition by Clayton Craig
Deadpool Nerdy 30 #1 Black Flag 2021 variant edition by Clayton Craig

We don’t yet know which acetate covers were selected or if any alterations were made. If you’re seeking hints, the Deadpool acetate cover is listed as “99 Problems,” whereas the Ghost Rider acetate cover is listed as “Zymotica Vs” We have yet to find out if they will attend the Boston Fan Expo.

Black Flag Comics, on the other hand, has confirmed that they would be there and that they intend to offer the Clayton Craig cover variation for Venom #1, which has been languishing in their warehouse for the past two years and which has received much less backlash from retailers. We at Bleeding Cool have reached out to Marvel, Black Flag, and Clayton Crain for their thoughts on this. Please get in touch with me if you have any further information.

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