Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4: Is It Coming or Not

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is a South Korean melodrama that just started airing on TV. Its first season and the first episode will air on TV Chosun on Saturdays and Sundays at 21:00 KST from January 23 to March 14, 2021. Jeon No-min, Lee Ga-ryeong, Jeon Soo-kyeong, and Lee Min-young are all part of the show’s large cast. The series can also be watched online through Netflix. There are three seasons of the show.

The second season of the show aired on the TV channel TV Chosun from June 12, 2021, to August 8, 2021, at the same time as the first season: every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 KST. The last episode of the second season got a rating of 16.582%, which made it one of the highest ratings for the show so far and the eighth highest in the history of Korean cable TV.

After saying for five years that she was leaving the entertainment business, Phoebe re-signed an exclusive management contract with Jiam Inc in August of 2020, five years after she had said she was leaving. She said that her next show would come out in 2021.

Former cast members Sung Hoon and Lee Tae-gon were said not to be in Season 3, but later, in an interview, it was said that the two actors and the drama team are talking about whether or not they will join. A lot of the old actors were replaced by new ones, which was a big change for the show. On October 29, 2021, it was announced that Kang Shin-Hyo will take over the role of Pan Seo-hyun, which was originally played by Sung Hoon. The offer was made again by Ace Factory. Then, on October 30, 2021, Lee Tae-gon gave Kwon Hyuk-jong the part of Shin Yu-shin, which he had played before.

The show’s staff announced on January 25, 2022, that there will be a third season. The first episode of that season will air on February 26, 2022. On March 18, 2022, actor Kan Shin-yo tested positive for COVID-19. Later, it was confirmed that actress Song Ji also tested positive for COVID-19 on April 14, 2022, and is currently getting treatment.

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4: When Will It Come Out?

The story of Love, Marriage, and Divorce’s third season isn’t over yet, as the 16 episodes haven’t all aired. However, the show has gotten great reviews on many review sites and is watched by 9.1% of people in the United States. Taking all of this into account, it’s not crazy to think that there will be a fourth season. However, with the COVID-19 situation getting worse and the cast testing positive, it’s unlikely that the fourth season will come out soon.

Love, Marriage, and Divorce haven’t been renewed yet by the people who made it. You might wonder why the high-rated show hasn’t been picked up for a fourth season yet. Well, that could be for several reasons. As we already know, Netflix thinks about a lot of things before deciding whether or not to renew a show.

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It starts by looking at how popular the show is, so they know how many people have watched it and how many people who watched it liked it and how many people who watched it didn’t like it. Because of this, it takes Netflix at least five to six months to renew. In March 2022, the last season of Love, ft. Marriage and Divorce came out. This means that it hasn’t been that long, so we’ll have to wait a little longer to find out if season 4 will be renewed.

You don’t have to worry about that because critics and fans all over the world have given the show such high marks that they will have to think a lot harder before canceling it.

Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Cast: Who Will be In?

Kang Shin-Hyo

On August 13, 1989, Kang Shin Hyo was born. He acts in South Korea. Kang got his start in acting when he took acting classes taught by Shin Yeon Shik. After that, Shin Yeon Shik cast him as the main character in his independent film The Russian Novel.

Lee Tae-gon

On November 27, 1977, Lee Tae-gon was born. He acts in South Korea. Lee got his degree from Kyonggi University, where he studied Physical Education and focused on swimming. He was even qualified to become a swimming teacher before he decided to go into show business.

Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 Trailer: Is There Any Teaser Available?

Unfortunately, the trailer for Love Ft. Marriage and Divorce Season 4 has not been announced yet. But hopefully, it will come soon till then let’s watch the trailer of previous


Love with Marriage and Divorce: Where Can I See It?

Love ft. Marriage and Divorce is available on Netflix to watch online.

How many episodes does love ft marriage and divorce have?


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