Pistol Season 2: Are the Makers Ready for the New Season?

Fans of the legendary punk band Sex Pistols may be wondering if there will be a Pistol season 2 now that the first season has come out.

The pistol was made by Craig Pearce and Danny Boyle. It is based on the book Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol by guitarist Steve Jones.

The six-part series tells the story of how the punk band that shook up the London Establishment got started and how hard it was for them at first.

The main character in Pistol is Steve Jones, played by Toby Wallace. He is a charming kid from the wrong side of the tracks who wants to start a band and become famous one day.

When Malcolm McLaren (Thomas Brodie-Sangster), a music promoter, meets Jones, he is immediately impressed by his talent and agrees to run the band.

At the same time, Chrissie Hynde (played by Sydney Chandler) is trying to help the insecure Jones see that he has that potential. Once they meet Johnny Rotten (Anson Boon), the band starts to take shape.

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Jones plays guitar, Paul Cook (Jacob Slater) plays drums, and Glen Matlock (Christian Lees) plays bass. Later, Sid Vicious (Louis Partridge) replaces Matlock.

Critics have said different things about Pistol. But the young, talented cast is great, and the Sex Pistols’ influence is still strong after more than 40 years.

That makes me wonder if there will be a second season or not. Here’s what we know about season 2 of Pistol.

Will Pistol Season 2 Happen?

Even with Danny Boyle in charge, it’s not likely that there will be a second season of Pistol. The show was made to be a miniseries, and it did a good job of telling the whole story of the Sex Pistols’ rise and fall.

Still, stranger things have happened, and it’s not out of the question that FX would give Pistol a second season about what happens after the band breaks up.

Pistol Season 2 Story: What To Expect?

The show is about how a normal punk band with a lot of different characters, led by the funny guitarist Steve Jones, becomes famous and gets a lot of attention. Jones’s journey began when he was in his teens. He and his friends used to steal music gear and dream of becoming big musicians, even though they didn’t look like them.

Malcolm Maclaren decided to help Steve Jones with his career after meeting him and seeing how talented and strong he was. Steve Jones was able to bring a great band to the world, which impressed Maclaren.

Jones, who was unsure of himself at the time, was also pushed by Chrissie Hynde. With him on guitar, Paul Cook on drums, and Glen Matlock on bass, he soon passed with flying colors.

Even though the audience liked the Pistols, Sid and Nancy were much better in terms of how they looked and how real they felt.

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Pistol Season 2 Cast: Who Could Return?

If there is a second season of Pistol, most of the cast members who come back will depend on the story that is told. Since Nancy Spungen and Sid Vicious both died soon after the band broke up, it’s unlikely that Emma Appleton and Louis Partridge would get back together.

Also, since Glen Matlock left the band, Christian Lees wouldn’t be able to be on season 2 of Pistol. Almost everyone else in the cast could come back for season 2 of Pistol, especially if it focuses on the rise of other musicians like Chrissie Hynde and Billy Idol around the Sex Pistols.

Pistol Season 2 Release Date: When Will The Season Release?

As of now, there are no plans for the second season of Pistol. It would take a little longer to make a second season than for a show that has already been given the go-ahead.

Still, an anthology-style second season could happen if FX and Hulu see the potential. Even if it got the green light, though, it’s not likely that Pistol season 2 would be available to stream before the spring of 2024.

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