Selling Sunset Season 6: Everything You Need to Know!

The fifth season of Selling Sunset just came out on Netflix. It shows how Chrishell Stause and Jason Oppenheim interact with each other and how things work at The Oppenheim Group.

Fans are looking forward to a possible sixth season of the show, even though it seems like Christine Quinn will always be making trouble for the real estate agents. Will it happen? When could it come out? Is there already a trailer? Here’s what we know so far about the sixth season of Selling Sunset.

Who might show up in Selling Sunset season 6?

Many of Selling Sunset’s regular cast members are expected to be back for season six, but real estate agent Maya Vander has confirmed that she’s leaving the show. The realtor told Page Six about the news, saying that she wants to focus on her work in Miami instead of in Los Angeles, where Selling Sunset is based. Maya also runs her agency in Florida called The Maya Vander Group.

This information was taken from Instagram. On their website, you might find the same information in a different format, or you might find more information. She said about her leaving Selling Sunset, “I decided not to fulfill my contract.” She also said, “I love the show, and it was great, but I’m excited to focus on the Miami real estate market.” Maya went on, “I want to spend time with my family, and going from one coast to the other is a lot. I love the show and everyone on it, but I’m excited to grow my business in South Florida.”

Aside from that, fans of the show can expect to see most of the other well-known faces in the next season. Brett and Jason Oppenheim, Chrishell Stause, Mary Fitzgerald, Heather Rae El Moussa, Amanza Smith, Davina Potratz, Emma Hernan, Vanessa Villela, and Chelsea Lazkani, who is new to the team, are among these people. Christine Quinn’s future is also uncertain because Emma Hernan accused her of sabotaging her listings in the last episodes of season five. This caused management to have a crisis meeting about her future at the firm.

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What can we expect from Selling Sunset Season 6?

It depends on if/when the program starts filming, but fans will urgently be expecting to see the fall out from Chrishell and Jason’s breakup, which went down in December 2021. Six months after the pair declared they were dating in July 2021 (as seen in season five), they called it quits, due to their divergent opinions on establishing a family. According to Chrishell, “I have tried to accept the world I have found myself in and that includes being upfront and honest about my relationships” at the time.

“Knowing that it might not be what society judges success and what I’m ultimately going for was horrifying to me at the same time. However, after many long and heartfelt discussions, I have decided to see it as a success regardless of the label that is officially linked to it,” Since then, Chrishell has publicly announced her new relationship with artist G Flip, so the romance could perhaps make an appearance. Christine Quinn’s future at The Oppenheim Group and the futures of Chelsea, Vanessa, and Emma will also be on display for viewers to observe.

When will Selling Sunset season 6 come out?

Selling Sunset season 6 is coming, but there isn’t a confirmed date for it yet. However, Netflix has confirmed it. Sources told US Weekly in January that Selling Sunset had been picked up for a sixth and seventh season. On June 23, 2022, Netflix confirmed the news.

The first season came out in March 2019, the second in May 2020, and the third in August 2020. Then, season 4 came out in November 2021, and season 5 came out in April 2022, so there isn’t much of a pattern to follow to figure out when season 6 might come out.

A source told US Weekly that there would be a “bit of a break” before filming for seasons 6 and 7, so it’s possible that season 6 won’t come out until 2023. The production is said to begin “this summer,” but that still doesn’t tell us when to expect it to come out.

Is There Any Trailer Available For Selling Sunset season 6?

The trailer for the upcoming season has not been announced yet. Till then you view the trailer for the previous season:-


Is there a place where I can watch past Selling Sunset seasons?

Selling Sunset seasons 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 are all accessible on Netflix so you can enjoy the lavish residences and drama to your heart’s content. There is also a spin-off show called Selling Tampa that you can watch on the platform. There isn’t much information about Selling The OC yet, but it looks like there will be one too.

Is Christine still at Oppenheim?

Christine Quinn’s contract with the Oppenheim Group has officially been “terminated”. After the debut of their new cryptocurrency real estate company, RealOpen, with husband Christian Dumontet, the 33-year-old actress recently parted ways with her celebrity real estate firm.

What was the reason for Davina’s departure from Selling Sunset?

Although Davina felt that “Jason] wasn’t supportive from the beginning and it just didn’t start off the best,” when she left the Oppenheim Group, “there was a little tension because of what had transpired with the $75 million listings,” she claimed on the show.

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