Solar Opposites Season 3: Everything We Know So Far!

Even though “Rick and Morty” is Justin Roiland’s best-known work, that doesn’t mean we should forget about his other work. “Solar Opposites season 3” has done well streaming on Hulu, even if it didn’t make McDonald’s bring back a long-dead dipping sauce or start a never-ending stream of pickle-themed memes.

Even before the second season ended in March, it was clear that Roiland and his team weren’t done with the show yet. Now, Hulu has made it official that “Solar Opposites” will be back with a bang.

Even though Hulu hasn’t said much about Season 3’s plot and cast, the “Solar Opposites” Twitter page has already given away the show’s release date. So, Season 3 is still a mystery, but fans can rest easy knowing it will be here sooner than they might think.

Until then, all we can do is look at Season 2 for clues about what might happen in Season 3. So, without further ado, here’s what we know so far about Season 3 of “Solar Opposites.”

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What is the release date for Solar Opposites Season 3?

When Season 2 ended, fans probably guessed that “Solar Opposites” would get a third season. When they all turn into trees in the last episode, Korvo pretty much says the same thing. In the end, though, nothing is set in stone until Hulu gives it the go-ahead.

And it looks like that day has come, which is good. The official “Solar Opposites” Twitter page posted a short video on May 16 that finally confirmed Season 3 and gave a release date.

The video shows a blue Pupa looking around suspiciously in front of The Wall. Season 3 of “Solar Opposites” will start on July 13 on Hulu. Like the last two seasons, all the episodes will likely come out at the same time instead of once a week.

This time, though, fans will get more of what they like. The Hollywood Reporter says that Season 3 of “Solar Opposites” will have 12 episodes instead of the eight episodes that were in Seasons 1 and 2. Fans can support something like that.

What is the plot of Solar Opposites Season 3?

Fans of “Solar Opposites” learned some pretty interesting things about our favorite Schlorpian family at the end of Season 2. In the last episode of the season, we finally get to see how the Pupa starts to change into the land.

Since the Schlorpians know they are going to die so that the Pupa can eat them and grow, they spend most of the episode trying to find meaning in their lives before they die at midnight. Seconds after that, we find out that when Schlorpians die, they come back as trees.

By the time the “Very Solar Holiday Opposites Special” comes around, the Schlorpians are back to how they usually look. Even though the Pupa is one step closer to turning Earth into a new Planet Schlorp, the family still has plenty of time to go on more crazy adventures. People who live behind the Wall also have more time to fight with each other.

Cherie has made it back to The Wall after giving birth to her baby Pezlie inside a Pez container. But when she finds out that Tim has become another bad leader, she makes plans with Halk to get rid of him. How the two plan to do this, on the other hand, is a mystery that will hopefully be solved in Season 3.

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Who is in the cast for Solar Opposites Season 3?

So far, the rumor mill hasn’t heard of any significant changes to the casting. Almost everyone who hasn’t died in the last two seasons will be back for Season 3 and beyond.

The show will bring back Thomas Middleditch, Sean Giambrone, Mary Mack, and Sagan McMahan. In the next show, Aisha, Mrs. Frankie, and Principal Cooke will be on it. Ringo died in Season 2, so I don’t know if we’ll see him again.

Justin Roiland is the person who plays Korvo. Thomas Middleditch is in the role of Terry. Sean Giambrone took on the role of Yumyulack.

Mary Mack plays the role of Jesse. Alfred Molina played The Duke. Andy Daly plays the role of Tim. Jason Mantzoukas gives Van his voice. Rob Schrab plays Principal Cooke. Kari Wahlgren voices Mrs. Frankie.

Solar Opposites Season 3 Trailer

The trailer for the third season has not been shown yet. But the trailer for season 2 can be seen above. Stay tuned to pop times for more news. Here’s the trailer for season 2:

Where To Watch Solar Opposites Season 3?

Justin Roiland and Mike McMahan’s hit comedy Solar Opposites is coming back to Hulu just in time for summer. The show is available on Hulu. Instead of 8, Season 3 will have 12 episodes. This is happening because people want more episodes per season. Soon, Season 3 will be out.

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