This Is Us Season 7: What Could We Expect From This Season?

This Is Us Season 7: This Is Us has always been a family drama about the lives of each member of the Pearson family, which keeps getting bigger. Still, it’s not hard to think that this show could go on forever. Kevin, Kate, and Randall have been the main characters of the show for the past six seasons.

But in the last few seasons, we’ve gotten to know a new Big Three: Nick and Franny, Kate and Toby’s twins, and Hailey, their adopted daughter. They got that name because they all became Pearsons on the same day. Kate and Toby’s son Jack is also a Pearson.

We’ve seen glimpses of Jack and Hailey as adults in the flash forwards that have happened since season 4, and we got to see a little bit of what they looked like as children in these last few episodes that showed Rebecca’s last few years.

So, if the show went on for a seventh season, it would make sense that we would follow the lives of the original Big Three’s children. We’d learn more about how Nick and Franny grew up with both parents and their partners, and we might even get to see them as adults and how their lives turn out.

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We’d also get to see more of Jack and Hailey, which would be nice because we haven’t seen Hailey interact with her parents or other family members, and we only got a small glimpse of Jack meeting with them after we found out that Kate and Toby got divorced and remarried.

Not to mention that Deja is pregnant, which would let us see how her relationship with Malik changes as they become parents, as well as how Annie and Tess do as aunts.

It would be nice to see the original Big Three become grandparents and see how their lives have changed since their mother died.

It would also be heartwarming to see how Jack and Rebecca’s legacy is passed down from one Pearson to the next. But fans can only take so much heartbreak, and after six years of watching Kevin, Kate, and Randall grow up, who knows if we’d be able to handle losing them?

This Is Us Season 7 Release Date

Fans have heard too many times that This Is Us will have a seventh season. But it looks like this is the last season, which is a shame. This Is Us has been canceled, and the creators have told us that Season 6 will be the last.

On May 24, 2022, the last episode of Season 6 came out. If fans want season 6 and like what they see, the show might be renewed with another franchise.

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This Is Us Season 7 Cast

Everyone agrees that This Is Us is a great show with a lot of real feelings and situations. If the actors weren’t so good, they wouldn’t have been able to play the parts so well.

Milo Ventimiglia plays the part of Jack Pearson. Rebecca Pearson is played by Mandy Moore. Sterling K. Brown plays the part of Randall Pearson. Kevin and Kate, the other two children, are played by Justin Hartley and Chrissy Metz. Chris Sullivan plays the part of Toby, and Susan Kelechi Watson plays the part of Beth Pearson.

This Is Us Season 7 Trailer

Since the show will not be back for the seventh season, there is no trailer for This Is Us Season 7. We all know that it’s sad that the show is over. In the meantime, you can forget your blues by watching the trailer for the sixth season…

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