Twister Sequel Release Date Set for 2024

One of the best disaster films of the decade was Twister, starring Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt in 1996.

It submerged viewers in the evil side of nature and featured ground-breaking visual effects that are still more potent than modern CGI. It was undoubtedly a success, as the movie made more than $495 million and surpassed Independence Day to become the year’s second-highest-grossing film.

Given that a sequel is being developed, the following information about Twisters includes its cast, plot, and potential release date.

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Twisters Release Date

Twisters don’t yet have a release date, but given that it’s under production, it’s likely to be in theatres by 2024, if not 2025, as it’ll probably be a summer blockbuster.

2020 saw the initial announcement of a second Twister film, which was billed as a remake and was to be directed by Joseph Kosinski of Top Gun and produced by Frank Marshall of Indiana Jones.

Since Kosinski withdrew owing to schedule issues with his Formula One film with Apple, a replacement filmmaker is being sought; candidates include Jimmy Chin and Elizabeth Chai Vaserhelyi of Free Solo, Dan Trachtenberg of Prey, and Travis Knight of Missing Link.

The project is being co-financed by Warner Bros. and Universal Pictures. This is a “big-scale sequel” with Stephen Spielberg’s support, not some shoddy follow-up.


Twisters Cast

Helen Hunt’s reappearance as Dr. Jo Harding in Twisters is anticipated. However, it hasn’t been confirmed.

Dr. Bill Harding’s actor, Bill Paxton, passed away in 2017. It’s uncertain if any other first-film characters will make an appearance.

There haven’t been any casting hints yet, but insiders tell Deadline that the sequel would center on a daughter that Hunt’s character had with Paxton’s Bill.

Hunt confessed to Collider that she had applied to direct the sequel but had been rejected. “I attempted to get it made, with Daveed and Rafael scripting it and all Black and brown storm chasers, but they wouldn’t do it. The director would be me, she declared.

When it came to diversity in June 2020, we had a hard time even getting a meeting. It would have been fantastic.

Twisters may be directed by Minari’s Oscar-nominated director Lee Isaac Chung, according to a December 15 Deadline article. But according to the story, no plans have been made about the movie’s casting.

Twisters Plot

Deadline’s article indicated that the movie would follow Hunt’s character’s daughter, who has “caught the storm-chasing bug her parents had,” even though no official plot elements have been revealed.

Twisters trailer

No, there isn’t a trailer for Twisters yet because filming hasn’t started on the project. However, you may view the original movie’s trailer below:

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