Wentworth Season 10: Release Date, Cast & Everything We Know So Far!

We can’t wait to see what Wentworth season 9 has in store for us when it premieres on Netflix on Oct. 27th. Each new season of this prison drama seems to be better than the last. Season after season, we are left with a nagging want for more.

Can we expect to see the inmates of Wentworth again in season 10 of Wentworth, given that the ninth season is expected to be completed so quickly?

Fans of the television series have been eagerly awaiting Netflix’s release of the ninth season for some time. We finally get to view the new season on Netflix on Wednesday, Oct. 27, after the season finale aired in Australia.

Is season 9 going to be the last one? Whether or not Wentworth will return for season 10 is revealed here.

Wentworth season 10 release date

According to the current situation, there is no way of knowing when the series will be released. Season 10 of Wentworth may not premiere until 2023 if it ever does, which seems exceedingly doubtful at this point in time.

Final entries are expected to come in 2021, but the exact date has not yet been determined. Wentworth’s comeback and the availability of all episodes for a marathon binge session on Netflix are both up in the air.

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Wentworth season 10 cast

For the final run of Wentworth, Kate Atkinson, and Robbie J. Magasiva, Katrina Milosevic and Kate Jenkinson have all been confirmed in prior reports. If they make it to the end of the film, viewers will hope that they will return for further installments.

Wentworth season 10 Plot

For Wentworth season 10, it’s impossible to hypothesize what might happen in the future episode without knowing what’s going to happen next. It’s safe to say it won’t let fans down, and if it does, they won’t want to miss it.

Wentworth season 10 trailer

The 10th season of Wentworth doesn’t have a trailer, and it’s unlikely to ever air. We’ll let everyone know straight away if anything changes and a new one is added. Make sure you watch the first eight seasons of Wentworth on Netflix while you still can.

About the ending of Wentworth

On this topic, Foxtel executive director of television Brian Walsh made a statement.

“Wentworth will leave a lasting impression on the television landscape around the world. As a company, we’re ecstatic with the worldwide success of this beloved show, not only in Australia but throughout the world.”

On top of that, he said, “I would personally like to appreciate the great cast and creatives teams, writers, and directors, it has been an enormously fulfilling trip.”

The show has been praised by critics throughout its run. As a matter of fact, the show is Foxtel’s most watched and highest-rated locally produced drama to date.

Over the course of the last eight years, Wentworth episodes have been broadcast in 173 different countries. In the United States, it even made it into Netflix’s top ten most popular programs.

There will be no more seasons of Wentworth

There comes a time when even the most magnificent things must come to an end. Wentworth is in the same predicament. After the second half of the eighth season concluded in 2021, the show came to an end.

Foxtel announced in October 2019 that the show will have a total of 100 episodes, making it the longest-running hour-long drama series in Foxtel history.

The eighth season of the show will be its final one, as well, according to the announcement. Those hoping for a new season of the show should let go of their hopes now.

Season 9 and Season 10 (according to certain viewers) of the show will not be aired. The finale ushered in the next chapter of the story. Fans were pleased with the finish, too.

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