Fans Support Pamela Anderson Documentary Amid Brittany Furlan’s Criticism

As a result of the debut of her brand-new bombshell documentary, Pamela Anderson is receiving a barrage of compliments.

Pamela: A Love Story, which debuted on Netflix earlier this week, has received many positive feedback from viewers. This is especially true in light of the current controversy with Brittany Furlan.

After the documentary’s publication, Furlan, the ex-wife of Anderson’s ex-husband Tommy Lee, made news for mimicking Anderson in a TikTok video and insinuating that Anderson wouldn’t care if she passed away.

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Despite claiming it was a “joke,” Furlan received a lot of negative feedback online after releasing the tape, which you can view here. She later assured her social media followers that she was “OK” despite the criticism.

Users haven’t let that stop them from supporting Anderson for “reclaiming her narrative” in the poignant new film.

“Brittany Furlan letting her remaining vine followers know that SHE’S okay amidst a documentary about Pamela Anderson’s painful life story … I cannot imagine being that tone deaf, insensitive, and out of touch LOL,” On Twitter, one individual wrote.

Others praised Anderson for being so open and honest throughout the documentary. One user said, “Pamela Anderson stated in an interview that she respects Brittany Furlan and tommy lee’s relationship and is glad they’re happy while Brittany is posting distasful [sic] tiktoks about pam is crazy. Like he abused her… she’s allowed to share her story.”

“Pamela Anderson reclaiming her narrative after enduring endless sleazeball media bros, slut-shaming, ridicule, disrespect, harassment, hate from insecure men, etc., etc. got me quite emotional,” another fan tweeted.

Pamela Anderson Documentary

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