Metroid Prime-Related Announcement Teased by Mysterious Leaker

Metroid Prime Announcement Rumors: An announcement regarding Metroid Prime may be forthcoming, according to a mystery yet highly credible leaker. There have allegedly been Metroid Prime “leaks” for years, and there are still reports circulating about remakes and remasters of the original Metroid Prime and the Metroid Prime Trilogy in addition to Metroid Prime 4. Any Metroid Prime leak can be taken lightly, but this one stands out unusually.

Fun Way 6592 Leaker is not widely known. They have frequently and publicly disclosed Nintendo announcements ahead of significant events, even though their Reddit posts have received little attention. Then, it was shown that these leaks were correct. One such instance involves giving a moderator the message “Zelda lovers will be crying Tears of joy,” which was posted on the GamingLeaksAndRumours subreddit.

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Fun Way 6592 has recently sent a message to a moderator of the GamingLeaks AndRumours subreddit, suggesting he is returning. This time, the news is, “Do you believe everyone is primed and ready?” The entire tease ends there. The context should be evident despite the absence of capitalized letters. This leaker is aware of impending Nintendo initiatives, and they are indicating that there will be an announcement concerning “Prime” soon. Fans of Metroid Prime may have something to anticipate soon.

The moderator of GamingLeaksAndRumours contacted the Reddit user to get more details or a kind of confirmation. However, they reported that the enigmatic user remained silent. Due to the leaker’s past “undefeated record” of trustworthy Nintendo leaks, they chose to share the leak anyhow. However, there has been no official endorsement or independent verification of the veracity of the leak, so it’s important to keep some suspicion.

This leaker’s practice has an intriguing component in that they normally only publish their leaks when the announcement is about to happen. As in, the day before a Nintendo Direct or other official event or announcement, their leaks are often made public. Although a Nintendo Direct is usually held in February of each year, no events have been publicly confirmed, and a reveal over the weekend of New Year’s Day appears quite improbable. However, if a statement is forthcoming, it can occur unexpectedly soon.

Metroid Prime Announcement Rumors
Metroid Prime Announcement Rumors

The speculated remaster of the original Metroid Prime is the most likely Metroid Prime announcement to be made, according to experts. Many trustworthy sources predicted that the Nintendo Switch version of Metroid Prime will debut in 2022, but that has not happened. It’s also possible that new information on Metroid Prime 4 will surface, but this is doubtful given Nintendo’s present focus on The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Instead, there could perhaps be a Metroid Prime-related surprise. Only time will tell. Follow for more updates.


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