Google Japan’s Gboard stick keyboard (Latest Update )

There are many different kinds of keyboards, from the clicky mechanical ones to the shorter, more compact tenkeyless builds. Then, there’s Google Japan‘s new gag innovation: the GBoard stick, which measures 165cm long and is apparently “wide enough for a cat to walk across”.

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Why do you inquire? The tech giant did, however, explain in a charming video that the drastic change in form factor has a number of benefits that are nothing short of remarkable. Incredible absurdity, that is. First, since users only need to scan one axis instead of two, the layout makes it simpler to find keys. Second, because the GBoard can be cleaned in a single motion, less cleaning effort is required.

More importantly, its length allows for several uses, proving that it is more than just a keyboard. The movie describes numerous humorous possibilities, such as using it as a clothesline, a bug catcher stick, or even to designate your personal zone in the office. Oh, did we also mention that it functions as a walking stick?

Gboard stick keyboard
Gboard stick keyboard

Google’s keyboard is a hilarious practical joke, in case you hadn’t guessed by now, thus it won’t actually be sold. However, it is available on GitHub as a DIY project and will need a 3D printer and some customization skills. This implies that, if you so choose, you may convert its QWERTY layout into an ASCII code layout or designate each key to an emoji.

As absurd as it may sound, using the Gboard simultaneously by multiple users may have some benefits, such as when playing co-op couch games. However, that use case may be better suited for the gaming keyboard that Google Japan is considering creating, which will have illumination that comes in seven different colors.

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