Your life should be made easier by two impending Google Pixel Watch updates

This holiday season, the Google Pixel Watch has proven to be a pleasant surprise. The best Cyber Monday offer on one of the top smartwatches available right now appears to be a $50 discount at Walmart(opens in new tab). However, it appears that the addition of certain new features to your new watch won’t take too long.

Google Pixel Watch: $299 at Walmart, down from $349.
Visit Walmart right away to take advantage of a final Cyber Monday discount on the Google Pixel Watch. If you want one of the greatest Android watches available, there’s little reason to wait since $299 is the lowest price we’ve seen this holiday season. Act quickly because this offer can end at any second.

Google Pixel Watch updates
Google Pixel Watch updates

According to a source who spoke with 9to5Google(opens in new tab), the Gmail and Google Calendar apps will probably be made available for the Pixel Watch. This would be an improvement over the present setup, which simply offers notifications for Gmail access and uses the Agenda app for the Pixel Watch’s calendar. Despite the fact that no information has yet been made public regarding a user interface or functionality, the insider has assured 9to5Google that these new apps would offer complete experiences for both productivity features.

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Furthermore, you don’t even need to own a Pixel Watch to receive this upgrade, which is even better news. Although Google is apparently developing these apps with the Pixel Watch in mind, they are anticipated to be Wear OS apps. Therefore, if you already own the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5, which is currently the best Android smartwatch available, you should also acquire this fantastic productivity boost.

The Google Pixel Watch’s productivity experience is currently a touch lackluster. Emails can only currently be accessed when they arrive or in the main alerts stream. That there isn’t a complete email app is, to be honest, a little shocking. There is a full email app for Wear OS, but it’s not created by Google. Apple has a full email client for its Apple Watch series. Instead, it’s a Microsoft Outlook app.

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Another strange omission is calendar functionality, for which Google’s rivals once more provide excellent solutions. Google manages all calendar workflows using the Agenda app and Google Assistant. Samsung, meanwhile, offers a complete calendar app for its Galaxy Watches that can even sync with your current Google Calendars. On my Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, I primarily use Samsung Calendar as opposed to Google Calendar for this reason.

Google Pixel Watch: On sale for a limited time

Despite a few productivity flaws, the Google Pixel Watch is still a fantastic wristwatch. Its sleek, simplistic design offers Fitbit fitness monitoring to a Wear OS experience that is optimized. Its battery life, which struggles to last a day, is undoubtedly its worst flaw, but if you want the full Google experience on your wrist, this watch is for you.

And fortunately, there is still a Cyber Monday discount available for the fairly new smartwatch. Walmart is currently selling the Pixel Watch for $299. (opens in new tab).

That represents a $50 discount on a brand-new smartwatch that Google really didn’t need to knock down. If you missed that offer, be sure to browse our best Pixel Watch deals to benefit from the extensive research we do to make sure you get the best deal.

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