Harry Styles Opens Up About His S*xuality And Addresses Queerbaiting Accusations

Fans have discussed Harry Styles’ s*xuality, although he rarely discusses it. However, in a recent cover story, Styles dipped his toe into that conversation and revealed he is on a “journey” with his s*xuality.

In a Monday interview with Rolling Stone, Styles, 29, discussed claims that he is “queerbaiting.” Styles reacted negatively to the word, which refers to implying that you are a member of the LGBTQ group to attract more people but never admit it.

“Sometimes people tell me, ‘You’ve only been with ladies,’ but I don’t believe I’ve ever been with anyone openly, “says he. “It doesn’t imply you’re choosing to have a public connection or anything if someone snaps a photo of you with someone.

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Styles and Olivia Wilde have been romantically linked since January 2021, when the two were captured on camera holding hands and sharing multiple kisses. The musician was directed by Wilde in the September 23 release “Don’t Worry, Darling.”

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wilde also discussed her interactions with some of the “As It Was” singer’s followers. However, “that kind of toxic negativity is the antithesis of Harry and everything he puts out there,” she added, adding that some of Styles’ supporters can be nasty.

Added the actress-turned-director “Personally, I don’t think his fan base is defined in the least by the hostile vibe. Most of them are genuine benevolence champions.”

Is Harry Styles Gay

Styles’ s*xuality will be the focus of the upcoming film “My Policeman,” in which he plays Tom, a police officer in 1950s Britain who develops feelings for museum curator Patrick (David Dawson). Same-s*x relationships were not permitted at the time.

“Now, it’s fairly difficult to imagine how someone could be gay. That was unlawful,” Styles made remarks on the movie. Added him: “It’s not like the story is about how gay these men are. To me, it’s about wasted time and love.”

The English musician remarked, in response to what he had learned from “My Policeman,” “I think everyone, including myself, has your journey with learning our s*xuality and growing more at ease with it.”

As the first guy to cover American Vogue alone, Styles relaxed while donning a ballgown for his historic December 2020 Vogue cover.

The former member of “One Direction” wore a Gucci lace ballgown while praising his “flamboyant” inspirations Prince, David Bowie, Elvis Presley, Freddie Mercury, and Elton John for giving him the courage to challenge convention and push boundaries.

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