How to Add Music to iMovie in Simple Steps in 2021

Hello friends, Welcome back. I Hope You all are fit & Fine. Have you heard the name of iMovie? In which you can make a professional video, You can add Music & images of your own. Here I will show How to add Music To iMovie on iPhone,iPad & Mac.iMovie


iMovie is an app that will allow you to edit, record & export your video in HD on your iPhone or iPad and ship your professional-looking HD movies to your device iPhone or iPad.In iMovie, you can use multiple systems that will show you to add videos, images, & different types of sound effects & use them in your project.

Just add a clip on your timeline from your library, capture the video directly in iMovie. You can choose & add footage from your camera roll or capture video now through iMovie. Similarly, Music can add from your iPod Library on your device, or just record audio through the application. 

How to add music to iMovie on iPhone

1. Whenever you open an iMovie, you can watch your video is open on your iPhone. Just add media Click on them

2. If you want to see built-in soundtracks only, Tap on Audio, then tap the option 

3. For songs Browsing where you download your music on your device, then tap My Music.

See Your Music stored in iCloud or any of your device location. You have to click on My Music.

4.Preview your song. Tap there if you failed to download the Music to your device before you preview your song.

5.Then you easily add Music to your first project, and the song adds finally to your project in the beginning.How to add music to iMovie on iPhone


Whenever you put a piece of Music, it adjusts your song automatically according to your project. You can change the size of your Music. One more option in iMovie is superb;  add multiple songs together. Let me explain add your Music first, then place a different style of Music afterward your first Music.

If you add Music or any other file related to your Music, it is the same as a sound effect.

Add sound effects to iMovie

When you add a sound effect in your video, it moves according to the sound.

1. Firstly, open your project & scroll down your timeline; a vertical line shows there where you can easily add your sound effect.

2. Then tap on the add your media button & play the audio to see inbuilt sound.

3.In the Music file, you can access your sound effects in your media.

4.In the File, your songs stored in iCloud or any other location where you save your sound effects.

5.Enjoy your preview of the sound effect.

6. Finally, add your sound effect & tap the button there.Add sound effects to iMovie

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Record voiceover in iMovie on iPhone

1.Open your timeline in iMovie, and there is a white vertical line that appears to add voiceover.

2. Tap on the Voiceover button & record, then the recording begins automatically after the countdown.

3. When you finish, Stop there, then tap according to your requirement

4.Firstly, If you listen to your recording, then tap only Review your recording.

5. Secondly, keep your recording there and add it to your project, then accept the option.

6. Last, if you redo your recording, you can retake it according to your requirement.

7.Then you don’t want the recording, then close the recording control & cancel it.Record voiceover in iMovie on iPhone

You can reuse your voiceover recording & see your recordings in iMovie Tap the button media there, then go to Music & preview your recordings in the playlist.

How to Adjust the volume of a clip in iMovie on iPhone

After adding the sound to your iMovie project, you can adjust the audio clips’ volume to get the sound mix just right. You can also change the work of video clips record.

When you adjust the volume of an audio or video clip, tap on the timeline, then you can increase or decrease the volume. When you turn a clip down, a Mute icon appears on the pin.

So many adjustments you can make while adding the volume of a clip.

Add music to video mac

For Mac, you can directly drag your files into your timeline with the help of a finder, or either you use other audio files from your music library in iMovie.

You can use all audio files like mp4, mp3 wave files directly from the desktop to your iMovie.

Make your audio File & stay with a particular video clip, then you can move & adjust the File below video clip video clip. Using this method, you can connect your video to your iMovie.


Here I will explain in detail to you How to add Music to iMovie.I hope you like it. If you want any information regarding iMovie, comment below to know about this topic. Thank you for reading, guys.



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