In 2022, the development team for Blizzard’s unnamed survival game has doubled.

The staff working on Blizzard’s unnamed survival game has reportedly doubled over the past year, and it is still chugging along in production.

Blizzard CEO Mike Ybarra stated that “The team has doubled in size this year and we’re planning to increase it much more in the new year” in a blog post reflecting on the previous year.

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Additionally, he emphasized that it is a brand-new IP—the business’s first since Overwatch debuted in 2016. Dan Hay, the former director of Far Cry, who spent more than 10 years working with Ubisoft until leaving in late 2021, is leading the development team, he added.

An official blog post offering job openings earlier this year was how we first learned about Blizzard’s unnamed survival game. According to that article, it will be available for PC and “console” and will take place in a world “full of heroes we have yet to meet, stories we have yet to tell, and experiences we have yet to live.”

Blizzard's unnamed
Blizzard’s unnamed

A wide area of potential awaits exploration. A hunter wearing armor and a cap were among the two pieces of art that were shown to us as well as those that were listed with the opening. The precise relationship between these visuals and the game itself is yet unknown, though.

Ybarra said that he had spent “several hours” playing with the team at the time, indicating that it was in a playable state at the time and had probably advanced since then.

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In another section of today’s blog post, Ybarra discussed the company’s ongoing initiatives to enhance its corporate culture in the wake of a string of exposés last year that exposed persistent harassment, discrimination, and toxic workplace environments.

He pointed out that during the past year, the proportion of women and non-binary people at Blizzard increased from 22% to 25%, while the proportion of workers from underrepresented ethnic groups increased from 34% to 36%.

Blizzard's unnamed
Blizzard’s unnamed

Notably, Blizzard also released a year-long content roadmap for Dragonflight, its most recent World of Warcraft expansion, along with the blog post. While many other live service games regularly publish similar roadmaps, this is the first time Blizzard has made an official declaration about a year’s worth of patching.

Ad blocking extension restrictions in Chrome’s “Manifest V3” have been postponed.

According to the post, there will be a total of six content patches released in 2023: two large ones with new zones and raids, and four minor ones with changes to dungeons, global events, story chapters, and system enhancements.

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