Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs ‘Top Gun: Maverick For Oscars Promotional Video

In a funny Oscars advertising video that parodies Top Gun: Maverick, Jimmy Kimmel joined Billy Crystal, Charles Parnell, and Jon Hamm.

The US comedian can recreate a sequence from the popular sequel “mission” of holding the 95th yearly celebration.

Dressed in a flight suit and aviator sunglasses, Kimmel is told by Hamm that he was “not my first…or second, third, fourth, fifth or 11th choice” for the host.

Kimmel’s “objective” is set to direct the three-hour production of the spoof on March 12 at Los Angeles’ 3,332-seat Dolby Theatre.

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Parnell informs him of the issue surrounding star Will Smith from the previous year. “ABC has tasked us with finding a host who is unflappable and unslappable.” “That’s good because I can’t get slapped. I cry a lot,” Kimmel replies.

It follows Academy President Janet Yang’s admission that the group’s reaction to Smith’s outburst—during which he slapped comedian Chris Rock on stage—was “inadequate”.

Ms. Yang explained the situation to attendees of the annual Oscars Nominees Luncheon on Monday “unprecedented” and “unacceptable”.

Jimmy Kimmel Spoofs 'Top Gun' In Oscars Promo

In the trailer, when asked what his “plan of attack” is, Kimmel suggests big musical and dance numbers to kick off the show – ideas which are shot down immediately.

Kimmel continues: “Well in that case, that’s a big audience of very nervous famous people so I’ll probably start with something self-deprecating to break the ice…

“…a joke about how I’m wearing two sets of spanks, maybe about the magic of storytelling – they love that. “Then I’ll lead a standing ovation to someone old and then if we make it out there’s only four or five hours until we give best picture to hopefully the right movie.”

Comedian and nine-time Oscars host Crystal then makes a surprise appearance as a “double admiral” – dressed in uniform – to lend encouragement to Kimmel. “Is there any way you could host?” Hamm asks him.

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